Everyone's story and life journey is important

I have mentioned this thought before, but I thought I would devote a whole blog about the subject. I want to encourage our shy (?) or unworthy feeling (?) people to share something of who they are and what have experienced. Part of the spiritual and human journey is feeling our life has value, and in making the best use of it.

I share with you here the introduction to the "4th course of Chicken Soup for the Soul" series (copywrite 1997 Jack Canfield). If you like, you can call it "Chickpea Soup for the Soul" .

Rite of Passage--A call

Moving from one dimensional
to multidimensional,
from enjoyer or exploiter to Giver
the responsibility of elder.

60 is the age of elder
though whenever called after 50,
requires confronting core issues--
impediments to service as elder and healer.

Same issues as always
but now an urgency,
the last third of life

Let our souls sing and dance together

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The flute player, Krishna, calling all souls photo 10481342_489232901207738_7996257060_zpsde3bba69.jpg
Eyes closed
concentration inward,
down and around
the spiral staircase
to the depths
of my soul
to find my
inspirational Source.

It is as far
as I can go
through the
coverings of matter,
earth, water,
fire, air, either--
subtle mind
and intellect,
then the false ego:
I, me, mine.

42nd aniversary of Shrila Prabupada's arrival in USA

Today, Tuesday marks the 42nd anniversary of Shrila Prabhupada's arrival in the USA, via ship, at Boston Harbor. That is quite a meditation for those of us familiar with the incredible struggle it took for him to get here from India.

Your life is in your hands: a story

Long ago, in a remote village in India, there was a wise sage who lived high on a mountain which overlooked a small village. The villagers would often take a day or two to travel up the mountain to consult with the sage, who was reputed to be a seer and great mystic. People would often report being greatly helped and sometimes healed of certain ailments.

Becoming Convinced about our Spiritual Identity

Sensual desires come like waves
trying to wash me out to sea,
but I usually stay on the beach, bruised
but alive, to see low tides peace.

Weeks of Tours

Sat, 09/29/2007 - 14:26 — NityānandaChandra

Why do I do what I do?

This is a good question for any of us to ask regularly. It means that there are layers of meaning in anything we or anyone does. We have to be introspective to understand our conditioning, and how it negatively impacts our life and our relationships. This is what I understand to be part of the process of "anartha nivritti" or retiring unwanted thinking patterns which manifest as unwanted actions, and sometimes offenses to devotees and Krishna.

Some Ideas and Words to live by:

Some Ideas and Words to live by:

See your self as more than the body.

You are an eternal soul or the animating consciousness of the body---yet learn to be as present here as possible while you keep your ultimate objective to revive your spirituality.

The ultimate cause of all causes is God (Krishna), and then comes the soul, and then our karma (previous actions), which are facilitated by our genes and our body and life circumstances.

Always remember Krishna and never forget him.

Full Moon and Prabhupada's acceptance of Sannyas

Today will bring a full moon. It was quite beautiful this morning, so please take some time to see it tonight or tomorrow morning. And with the full moon comes the first day of another Vedic month. Now wouldn't that be great to have that as the standard for the world? It just seems so natural to begin a month with the moon, and acknowledging it's influence and our dependence on the cycles of nature.

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