Uncovering the Blue Flute Player from the material "Blues"

lovely GopinathaShri Radha's beauty attracts Krishna
My material life’s ideals—
to be happy and fulfilled
by meaningful,
loving relationships,
useful work
complementing my nature
helpful to others,
making a difference in the world.

This wisdom took long
to realize and digest,
the normal material direction
of a young person
didn’t appeal,
my soul was yearning
for more than matter
could afford me.

My past lives
spiritual goal unfinished
impelling me to
take the road
less traveled,
forgoing education,
career, things, to satisfy
my existential crisis.

I felt like a stranger
in a strange land
heeding the beat of a different drum
seemingly mad to the worldly
yet driven to seek my origin
like an amnesia patient
not wanting illusory identity
only the Sweet Absolute Truth.

With proper spiritual foundation
we can truly be in the world
knowing we are not of it
using our psycho-physical nature,
natural human aspirations
to serve and glorify Krishna:
for material attachment binds
love for sadhus and Krishna liberates.

Wanting the highest platform NOW,
realistically taking time, patience, strength;
hiding from our conditioned nature
can’t endure, repression deludes,
best being honest
introspective to understand
what is required
for the long haul of our life.

True virtue and beauty
is understanding our nature
while acting accordingly
in the service of Shri Guru,
Gauranga, which are the soul’s
food, uncovering understanding
removing ignorance
awakening Krishna Prema.

Essential to be balanced
not an end in itself
only for peaceful living—
for happiness requires peace,
while peace comes from
understanding Krishna
as the Supreme Proprietor,
Enjoyer, true dearmost Friend.

Coming to Krishna differently —
some first renouncing
others earning degrees
having various social views
philosophical attractions,
regardless, unity as a devotee
in Shri Chaitanya’s sankirtana
experiencing the world’s misery
aspiring for Krishna Prema.

Find a way to practice Bhakti
beginning where you are
making it your highest ideal
acknowledging your conditioning
stretching beyond comfort zone
gradually increasing your practice--
despite family responsibilities
become a saranagata (surrendered soul).

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Wed, 02/11/2009 - 05:30 — Karnamrita.das
Accepting Krishna's shelter

"‘Krishna is very simple and liberal, He is humble and bashful, and He is the protector of the surrendered souls. He is very happy, and He is always the well-wisher of His devotees. He is all-auspicious, and He is submissive to love. [ Chaitanya Charitamrita Madhya 23.74]

Seeing the Lord as one’s maintainer

by Shrila Bhaktivinode Thakur

ki jani ki bale, tomara dhamete,
hoinu saranagata
tumi doya-moy, patita-pavana,
patita-tarane rata
1) By what personal understanding or by what power has one such as I come into Your shelter? Surely it is by Your mercy alone, for as Doya-moy and Patita-pavana You are ever engaged in the deliverance of the fallen souls.
bharasa amara, ei matra natha!
tumi to' karuna-moy
tava doya-patra, nahi mora sama,
avasya ghucabe bhoy
2) My only hope, O Lord, is that You are full of compassion and mercy. There is no one more in need of Your mercy than I. You will surely drive away all my fears.
amare tarite, kaharo sakati,
avani-bhitore nahi
doyala thakura! ghosana tomara,
adhama pamare trahi
3) No one else in the world has the power to rescue me. O merciful Lord! By Your decree, kindly deliver this vile and lowly sinner!
sakala chadiya, asiyachi ami,
tomara carane natha!
ami nitya-dasa, tumi palayita,
tumi gopta, jagannatha!
4) I have given up everything and come to Your lotus feet, O Lord. I am Your eternal servant, and You are the maintainer. You are my sole protector, O Lord of the universe!
tomara sakala, ami matra dasa,
amara taribe tumi
tomara carana, korinu varana,
amara nahi to' ami
5) Everything is Yours. I am merely Your menial servant, so it is certain that You will deliver me. I have chosen Your lotus feet as my only shelter. I no longer belong to myself.
bhakativinoda, kandiya sarana,
lo'yeche tomara pay
ksami' aparadha, name ruci diya,
palana korohe tay
6) Bhaktivinoda weeps as he humbly takes shelter at Your feet. Forgiving all his offenses, affording him a taste for the holy name, oh kindly maintain him!