Making The Most of Time

Dates seem irrelevant
words can be cliché
are old days good
or memory just selective?

The past is useful if it helps
to avoid mistakes,
by recognizing opportunities--
a good teacher the past
but a lousy residence!

Many have said
the present is all we have--
Is there meaning in words
yes, when we apply them.

Even "wasting time" can be
valuable with insightful vision
of inspiration today
being thoughtful to learn
that there can always be
lessons to gather from life.

Is the future important?
It is a seed of possibility
which can inspire us
to fully live today
since today becomes
our tomorrow
adding up to a life
well spent or not.

To rightly use the gift
of "the present"
the discipline of scheduling
is helpful to meet priorities.

It can be tempting with
so many spiritual or
material urgencies
to schedule every moment
with important tasks.

Schedules have limits
as we can schedule
our self to death
loosing the moment
living without heart
on life's merry-go-round.

With our spinning head
we jump off our schedule
in order to smell the roses
(offering them first to Krishna)
and take stock of
what is important.

Everyone must ask this
being forced to in recession
yet "important"
is relevant to
one's goal in life.

For a devotee fixed
in spiritual practice
important--or wise time use
is what fosters love
and service to Krishna
and his devotees.

Combined comments from old site

Tue, 03/24/2009 - 00:00 — abrennan
What is important right now

Wise time use would certainly be a bonus

I do think that most people I know live in the past and the future of their imagination. It must be a function of the Gunas.

What is important, if only I could remember to ask that

I seem to spend my time between what I didn't do yet and what is urgent because I didn't do it yet.

I find that the more time I find for chanting the more I can recognise what is important


Tue, 03/24/2009 - 03:46 — Karnamrita.das
Bhakti Time

Those who have come to the path of Bhakti have at least theoretically adopted a new spiritual paradigm. What they once understood was important in regard to materialistic goals with no purpose other than immediate or future sensual enjoyment is now seen as the cause of all our problems, not their solution. However far we may consider ourselves to be from this goal, something has shifted with us to enable to accept what for most people is a radical concept--we are our problem, or our current "conventional" sense of self is our problem since it based on the temporary body and mind. We are eternal consciousness, the animating principle beyond the material machine.

Though I meet many people who accept theoretically that they are "souls having a human experience" and in the existence of karma and reincarnation, most of them have not thought of the deeper implications. As devotees we have to think and act on the fact that we are under the laws of karma and rebirth and that this is an unnatural, limiting, and miserable condition for the soul.

Even if we began our spiritual search as "armchair philosophers" we can't stay that way if our life is to be successful. Though we may not obtain perfection in this life or in many lives, at least we have to make being Krishna consciousness our highest ideal. Then we can be in a better position to attract the Lord's mercy which is our ultimate necessity for attaining the shelter of the Supreme Lord.

It is said that an ordinary person judges a person by their past, a magnanimous person by their present, and a superlative person by their highest ideal. Shri Chaitanya Mahaprabhu, as the greatest of the superlative persons, sees us according to our highest ideal. So let us pray to deeply appreciate the goal of Krishna prema, and being a humble servant of the servant of the servant of the Lord of our hearts! Let this goal be our north star guiding us forward and away from materialistic selfishness and let us truly see time as an asset of service and awakening!

Your friend in Krishna,