Bhaktivinode's Vision of the Whole Universe Chanting

Photobucket The songs of our great teachers (acharyas) instruct us about the character of those absorbed in transcendence. Thus we get a glimpse of their spiritual, compassionate vision--we can thus imagine what it must be like, and try to enter into it according to our capacity. They desire that everyone be overcome with the bliss of chanting the holy name of Krishna. This is true enlightened welfare work. Seeing the Universe's inhabitants as illusioned by the false promise of material enjoyment, Shrila Bhaktivinode Thakur, from his spiritual perspective, prays for everyone to lose all worldly desires by tasting the sweetness of Krishna's name (harinam).

By opening ourselves up to the teachings and grace of such great souls as Thakur Bhaktivinode, Shrila Prabhupada, and other pure souls, we too, by their mercy, will "drown" in the bliss of remembering the all-attractive Divine Couple, Shri Shri Radha-Krishna. At least we can begin in that direction by trying to understand how such persons are absorbed in hearing and chanting the holy name, and remembering and describing the form, qualities and pastimes of Radha and Krishna and Lord Chaitanya and his associates. If they have blissfully given up the pursuit of worldly happiness for the attainment of the spiritual plane, how great that happiness must be compared to any sensual enjoyment--our conditioned benchmark of pleasure.

(a free verse rendering of Shrila Bhaktivinode's song "Narada Muni Bajay Vina)

As Mahatma Narada
plays his vina
Harinama descends
amidst devotee's kirtana
"Radhika Ramana".

Like a monsoon cloud
the holy name showers
nectar for the ear,
ecstasy impels dancing
to the hearts fulfillment.

Intoxicating showers of
the Names divine sweetness
overcomes the Universe's residents
as people cry, dance
or their mind's maddened.

Five faced Shiva
embracing Narada
ecstatically shouts
as Brahma blissfully dances
proclaiming: chant "Hari Bol".

Supremely happy Ananta
calls out: "Hari Hari"
and this spiritual vibration
maddens the Universe ecstatically
as everyone relishes Krishna's name.

Bhaktivinode's desire for
everyone to sing the Name
fulfilled by Krishna's name himself
thus to Rupa Gosvami praying:
"May Hari kirtana overcome everyone forever".