As Relationships Change So Must We

Writting at Night
Relationships change in time
with others & our own body/mind;
even as Krishna's energy sustains all
being the background and rest
in conditioned life our most
fundamental relationship is our body/mind.

We have been sentenced
for a number of years
in the prison house of matter
with physical, mental garments
a stock of karma--good & bad
making us feel happy or sad.

While living in the world
becoming convinced of
material futility while
we pursue spiritual life
adjustments must be made
as cherished attachments shatter.

Without spiritual understanding
the gradual decline & demise
of the happiness structure
we have labored hard
to erect & maintain
causes us frustration or regret.

Like most people
I took for granted
"normal" bodily functions
now declining & screaming
for attention to teach me
I'm not the master
but servant of material conditions.
I have always loved to walk
while Nature communing
thinking it a "right"--
but now my knee pain
demonstrated it is really a gift
a blessing to be grateful for!

Life can be so unconscious
embarrassingly, habitually acting
thinking we are the center--no!--
alas, ignoring contrary evidence
of immortality--but wait!--we can see
through a spiritual lens the eternal soul!

Observing Nature & Life
instructs the thoughtful seeker
that plants & animals
forced to suffer in self ignorance
while human life gives
the chance of spiritual freedom.

A combative, controlling, exploitive
attitude won't reveal life's secrets--
Nature will seem silent, mechanical,
lifeless, almost w/i our grasp
to understand, yet confounding us
by new mysterious or shattered theories.

The Universe has
its own purpose beyond
our tiny selfish interest--
though infinite it becomes knowable
to the finite, who approach it
in the spirit of giving & service.

Understanding its purpose for us
but beyond it--the Creative God Source;
bowing down in supplication
praying to be in alignment
brings us uplifting, lasting happiness
so illusive before, only temporarily visited.

Sitting on a huge boulder to write
at the falls for hours brings
rear end pain while the others walk on
I contemplate my life
in the laws of Nature
amidst the forest beauty.

Creation's charm & splendor
point the Godly seeker
toward the Source
as much as a painting's
beauty make us curious
to know the Painter.

Be reminded by the poem
that spiritual practice
isn't an idle hobby
but needs to show up
in all environments to teach us
the moment's lesson treasure
and how to change if required.

Combined comments from old site

Fri, 05/01/2009 - 17:24 — Snehal

HAre Krishna!
This is very nice poetry depicting the truth of this material world. The material energy makes us believe that we are bodies and gives us oppurtunities to develope relationships which later become attatchments and makes us suffer. We really need to develop the spiritual vision to see these suffering and be intelligent to try giving up these attatchments by realizing that we are not the controllers.

And we dont realize all this overnight. We are really trapped here in this material world. I really feel helpless.


Fri, 05/01/2009 - 19:10 — Karnamrita.das

Krishna's help

The first part of the equation is what I have spoken of before: negative impetus, which is the misery and suffering of birth, death and material life. We are compared to a person drowning, being tossed by the waves of the ocean--our only hope is being rescued by a boat steered by a competent, compassionate captain. Our only hope is in Krishna, and those devotee captains who represent him. We have to know we are helpless without the mercy of God, yet knowing that with the help of Krishna and his pure devotee, anything is possible. No one is too fallen to be saved and helped. If we buy into the illusion that we are too fallen, then we are saying God is not all-powerful and compassionate.

Though we respect all forms of God, specifically for us, we understand that Krishna is the most approachable and intimate form of God, and even more so, his most merciful aspect of Shri Krishna Chaitanya, who is Krishna with the compassion of Shri Radha! The positive impetus is tasting the nectar of the holy name and service of the Lord, and appreciating the infinite mercy of Shri Chaitanya and his devotees to save us. One of these devotees we may accept as the captain of our bodily boat to cross over the ocean of material existence. The favorable breezes our the Vedas, and devotees are our fellow travelers who assist us by encouragement and hearing and chanting about and glorifying and praying to Krishna.

So take heart dear friend. In spite of our conditioning we can receive the help of Krishna and his agents and overcome unlimited so-called obstacles. Remember there are no problems, only service opportunities. As the Gita teaches us, "Armed with yoga, stand and fight." See K.C as your whole life, not an over night path to enlightenment. Figure out a way for the long haul of life, and always pray to go deeper into KC. Never feel lethargic or hopeless--if you do search out supportive advanced devotees to help you make changes in your life. Remember the saying, "The Lord helps those who help themselves." You are only defeated if you give up! Keep on the path.

The Lord, riding Garuda picks up the devotee from the ocean of material existence

Your friend in Krishna,


Thu, 04/30/2009 - 14:36 — PANDA bear
Great poetry

That was great poetry. like many people i also take many things for granted and its nice to be put in my place. Krsna knows we all need it.
with Krsna's love,


Thu, 04/30/2009 - 15:03 — Karnamrita.das

We all need to be reminded to not take things for granted as it seems to be a human tendency. It is a good practice to make time to think about what we are grateful for, and give thanks. We have to ponder what is really important--which is usually not things, but relationships, good qualities or opportunities, and ultimately Krishna who is the Supreme Cause and maintainer. Even the so-called basics like seeing, hearing, walking which are easy to not look at are such blessings. Often we don't appreciate things until they are gone or threatened.

Your friend in Krishna,



Sat, 05/02/2009 - 19:13 — jivatattva
Gratitude with intention

Nice Blogging.

'and ultimately Krishna who is the Supreme Cause and maintainer'
Is like gratitude with the intention to develop spiritually, all material both good and bad becomes the same, just a force of development.

Its funny
I was just learning this cool bass line to a Sly Stone song 'Same Thing' words:
"The same thing that makes you laugh can make you cry
The same food you eat to live can make you die
The same truth you thought you heard could be a lie"

It made me think, this life is a dangerous place, but there's a lot of opportunity to develop if we proceed with the right attitude.



Sun, 05/03/2009 - 07:29 — Karnamrita.das
The Beginner's Mind

Our focused intention is all-pervading in our life. For a devotee everything can be grist for the mill of learning, depending on Krishna, and going deeper into our practice. What is good or bad--really? We have talked about this often, but repetition is the mother of skill. It is easy to speak truth, though much harder to actually apply it (especially when it hurts our body or embarrasses our false ego!). We are only here for a short while and as we eat food to maintain our body, the body itself is being digested!

So yes, Sly got it right--to a point, as do so many thoughtful musicians or poets who may see the veil of illusion, yet not know what is beyond and certainly not how to go to the land beyond illusion and suffering. They are not convinced it exists nor that they belong there. We can appreciate Sly and so many others that are being inspired by God and pray to be an example of bringing spirituality into every sphere. Krishna teaches us in so many ways through so many agents. Thanks for sharing your insights!

Your friend in Krishna,



Thu, 05/14/2009 - 06:39 — Robotmule
The Epic Joke of Material Illusion

I am so grateful for the teachings of the Bhagavad Gita, especially now that my family situation is disintegrating. My Parents are divorcing, my wife has practically left for her parents' house with my son, our house is being sold and my brother is suicidal. What is this teaching me ?

I only started reading Vedic Literature 8 months ago, and already it feels to me as if I'm being pulled towards a point of no return (No return to material conceptions). It is actually a beautiful process. The attachment to illusory conceptions is ripping apart my family and somehow I have become somewhat of a beacon. By submitting to the Supreme Personality, almost all my material endeavours have been wrecked in some surprising way. But, I know that beyond and behind all this apparent misery, lies the cosmic truth and eternal fun.

The disintegration of my surroundings is a blessing from the Supreme, because the Supreme recognizes my sincere requests. What is the conclusion to this drama? I am not so sure, but slowly but surely, spiritual insight is entering the consciousness of my atheistic mother. Vedic anecdotes can sometimes hit upon a note in the soul of the illusioned and just that splitsecond of recognition is a sight worth witnessing, even if it is followed by another wall of noise.

Thank you.


Sat, 05/16/2009 - 13:35 — Karnamrita.das
Your great good fortune

I can relate to your struggle in a general way. The particulars vary but the principle is the same. Many of us have had our material life smashed as a way to get us back on the spiritual path. This is our great good fortune, though certainly from the material view this would seem terrible. This is common theme in my writings.

Even initiated devotees have to sometimes struggle to see what appears to be reverses or misfortune as what they truly are: mercy from Krishna. He may use our karmic debts to help us advance spiritually by seeing Krishna and his devotees as our only shelter.

You might find my lastest blog useful on this topic--or my bio: What is good or bad for a devotee? Good means what helps us love and serve Krishna, and bad is the opposite--that which takes us away from Krishna, which may include material prosperity or wealth etc. It depends on us and our level of spiritual advancement and dependence on Krishna. An advanced devotee may use wealth for Krishna's service, where another may be pulled down to material enjoyment. One persons food is another's poison.

Your friend in Krishna,