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Making the Holy Name Something We Can't Live Without


Krishna close up
As we know
life depends
externally on eating
breathing, sleeping and
work to maintain our body--
in the same way
let's be determined,
first by hearing to
establishing a habit
of chanting and serving,
then conviction
coming to the point
of urgent necessity
to chant and sing
the holy names,
serving the Lord
with his devotees
to purify our
waking us up
from ignorance,
ultimately to please
the real Lord
of our heart--
our very life or
the heart of
our hearts,
soul of our soul.

Krishna playing flute
Coming to trust
the kindness of Krishna
in all circumstances
intending to help us,
watching over those
who call upon
his name while
we aspire to be his--
our maintainer,
loving friend, who
gives us the vision
to see distresses
upheavals, reverses
as a testimony to
the blemished
ugly form
of matter with
an agenda
to teach us
our true shelter
or happiness
isn't the temporary
illusory, miserable world
but is in his
loving service
and warm embrace,
O that Divine couple
Shri Shri Radha Govinda--
I aspire to make them
my air, water, heart
and real nutrition
that I can't live without.
Jadurani Radha Krishna closeup