The Fall Wind's Message


Falling leaves
Sitting in my chair
in the forest
chanting "japa",
O Radhe, O Krishna!
please capture my mind
and heart,
end my material existence
pulling my attention and desires
to you alone--no other interests,
Krishna Krishna, Hare Hare.

After a few rounds
of chanting Hare Krishna
in the pleasant fall warmth
I just sit and listen:
"What can I learn?"

The Wind answers
my inquiry
gently massaging
the trees
with its air current
speaking the language
of the ages.
Colors of fall
Everything in life
can teach us
if we are aware,
listening for the clue
instead of idle dreaming
of the improvable future
or past, or bemoaning our
bad choices or current fate
or lusting for enjoyment.

What could Krishna's
material Nature be
saying through its
windy voice?--
Ah, the seasons
demonstrate the
cycles of our own life--
nothing material lasts
changes are inevitible
everything returns to
its starting point
over and over
until it finds
ultimate rest.

Spring gives birth
to the year and
all possibilities
when Nature seems to
return to life
after a long sleep
and the colors of
newness burst forth
in incredible dynamism
attracting everyone's attention
with bright green leaves
and unlimited varieties
of colors in many flowers,
then gradually turning to seeds
or fruits which ripen
to be harvested in the fall
or drop to the ground,
lying dormant in the
cold, bleak winter
to again awaken
next year...
The New Ground
When will we return
to the land of no return
where all things are possible
everything dances together
in total harmony
centered on the love
of everyone's heart,
free from birth, disease
old age and death,
to live in unlimited
blissful love in
relationship with the
perfect person and
those who love him most?
Throughout the day
the leaves are falling--
then, with the wind
swooshing everywhere they
stop softly dropping
going up and around
like so many kites
or free agents,
or they circle around me--
surround sound--
like the "will of the wisp".

There is no sound in
nature as beautiful to
me as the rush
of the wind in the trees--
the invisible
moving the seen
the power of God
touching us.

I do my best
to take the sound
in through 2 tiny
ear holes
as the winds
speed up or slows,
the trees dance
in time, swaying
back and forth
mixing different
temps of warm
and cool air
with the smell
of the moist leaves
on the forest floor
damp from week's rain--
in the distance
the sound of thunder
the sight of both
white puffy and
rain clouds
bringing uncertainty
of what will come.
The trees dance
Life celebrates life
indirectly pointing to
the Creator or Source,
Shri Krishna
though we can
do our best to directly
glorify him and see
him everywhere
as the sustainer,
maintainer, creator,
destroyer--but so much
more as well,
our dear most friend
and ultimate love.

We can imagine how
wonderful, and beautiful he is
who is the background
and Source to Nature--
his nature.

So even I,
a tiny covered soul
can appreciate to some
extent the loveliness,
wonder, & beauty of
Krishna's Material Energy--
splendid, orderly, yet
with so much variety
and unexpectedness amidst
the regular cycles,
making it never boring
or old--there is certainty
with variety.

Though winter is coming
the attraction of Autumn
is still uplifting
spectacular, refreshing
revealing, reminding us of
our tininess, but also
that we have our part to play--
to be good stewards
of the world, while we
focus on the Ultimate Reality
(Reality the Most Beautiful)--
and we are important to
Krishna, who wants
our company and love.

Such an endearing Truth:
Though he is complete
Krishna also pines for our love,
and if we also want
him more than anything
then we will go to
where our heart is focused
by the Law of Necessity---
that it the real Secret of Secrets
the inner purpose of the Vedas
though always astonishing!
The Supreme Goal--the source of the seasons

Combined comments from old site

Tue, 09/29/2009 - 08:52 — Amanda Josephine
Thank you!

I always feel so inspired after reading your posts!
I appreciate every one of them so much and thank you for sharing yourself with all of us. You have a beautiful soul and a wonderful mind.

Hare Krishna!

Tue, 09/29/2009 - 08:19 — Karnamrita.das
A glorious day

It was a glorious fall day yesterday, and I was inspired to share it with my friends and acquaintances. I consider that because I am trying to connect my life and perceptions to Krishna, that gives it value, and thus when I attempt to write about it, whatever imperfections in composition are there are overcome by my attempt to offer it to Krishna and Guru. As Satyaraja Prabhu knows, writers like to write, and while I naturally want to express what is useful and inspiring to my readers, I pray to appreciate that all credit is to Krishna--the Supreme Muse, the creative impetus, ability and whatever else is required. From my part, some writing is more inspired than others, and I did feel "in the zone" as I sat in my forest seat to write. That is a real blessing!

Your friend in Krishna,