Managing Time, or Being Managed By Time?


Rain cloudsAs I sit here darkness grows and the temperature drops. When the wind blows my face feels the brisk sharpness of the cold. As the trees bend I look straight up to see them moving back and forth far above my head. It’s an amazing feeling—like being one with the trees.


I’m sitting in the woods at dusk for a chance to be outside. I first got my duties out of the way by dumping the compost, and getting fire wood for the evening and morning. My hope was too come out earlier, but I remembered I had to send off some timely emails about our “Grihastha call” for married persons on Wednesday. Then I ended up working on my chapter for the Grihastha book our group (NA Grihastha Vision Team is working on, according to the recommendations of one of our members who critiqued it. I did my best to incorporate her suggestions, but it seems I would have to do a big re-write to really comply with her. In may need that, yet I think not. As many writers feel I liked what I wrote and find it hard to edit my own work.

As I sit here darkness grows and the temperature drops. When the wind blows my face feels the briskness of the cold. As the trees bend I look straight up to see them moving back and forth far above my head. It’s an amazing feeling—like being one with the trees. One of the many benefits to tall trees is that they can make one feel very small, like an ant in grass! “Tall” or size is relative to one’s experience, so when I think of the gigantic redwoods of California, these trees don’t feel as big. Still they are big enough to dwarf me. Our house is about 30 feet and the trees are about 20 feet above this, even though most of them are not original growth on the land. When I gaze above my head with trees on all sides they do seem large and dominate my tiny size.

Although I know this is Krishna’s energy—that he is the Source of everything, yet only indirectly associated with matter, living as he does in his original spiritual abode—still we can see worldly phenomenon as his Universal form. The Shrimad Bhagavatam, 2nd Canto, 6th chapter encourages us. The Earth can be seen as part of his body, the hills and mountains, the stacks of his bones, the rivers and steams his veins, the trees the hair on his body, the clouds the hairs on his head, the sun and moon his eyes and the movement of time.
The Gopis remember Krishna in danger
As I remember his original blue, three folding bending form playing the flute and sporting with his friends and lovers, I am still inspired to see the material world in this way. My wife and I have found living in the country very conducive for spiritual practices.

I can barely see the page before me, though I can still make out the buzzards gliding silently in the sky in search of dead bodies, and the red and pink of the sunset. The whole time I write the neighbor's dogs bark as if to challenge my patience, inner peace and tolerance—though they do mercifully stop for periods. Such barking is one of the reasons I like to go to the bottom of our land next to the spring. Only due to the time element today was I unable to go there. Do we manage time or does time manage us?
Radha Krishna in Vrindavana

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Purusha Sukta or Universal Form

Krishna's Universal Form

There are many descriptions of Krishna's Universal form. Some people think this is the pinnacle of the Gita, but it is obvious that Krishna's personal form, which is the source of this form, is what is most attractive to Arjuna and all devotees. Arjuna sees and ecstatically speaks his vision in the Gita, and Krishna also tells us different aspects of the world which represent him in the Gita's 7th and 9th chapter and especially in the 10th. There are also a number of places in the Shrimad Bhagavatam like the following from the 2nd Canto, 6th chapter. I didn't want to quote the whole chapter, but if you read on in this chapter Lord Brahma makes it clear that Krishna is the source of his personal power, the Universe, and the Universal Form:

SB 2.6.1 - Lord Brahma said: The mouth of the virata purusha [the universal form of the Lord] is the generating center of the voice, and the controlling deity is fire. His skin and six other layers are the generating centers of the Vedic hymns, and His tongue is the productive center of different foodstuffs and delicacies for offering to the demigods, the forefathers and the general mass of people.

SB 2.6.2 - His two nostrils are the generating centers of our breathing and of all other airs, His smelling powers generate the Asvini Kumaras demigods and all kinds of medicinal herbs, and His breathing energies produce different kinds of fragrance.

SB 2.6.3 - His eyes are the generating centers of all kinds of forms, and they glitter and illuminate. His eyeballs are like the sun and the heavenly planets. His ears hear from all sides and are receptacles for all the Vedas, and His sense of hearing is the generating center of the sky and of all kinds of sound.

SB 2.6.4 - His bodily surface is the breeding ground for the active principles of everything and for all kinds of auspicious opportunities. His skin, like the moving air, is the generating center for all kinds of sense of touch and is the place for performing all kinds of sacrifice.

SB 2.6.5 - The hairs on His body are the cause of all vegetation, particularly of those trees which are required as ingredients for sacrifice. The hairs on His head and face are reservoirs for the clouds, and His nails are the breeding ground of electricity, stones and iron ores.

SB 2.6.6 - The Lord's arms are the productive fields for the great demigods and other leaders of the living entities who protect the general mass.

SB 2.6.7 - Thus the forward steps of the Lord are the shelter for the upper, lower and heavenly planets, as well as for all that we need. His lotus feet serve as protection from all kinds of fear.

SB 2.6.8 - From the Lord's genitals originate water, semen, generatives, rains, and the procreators. His genitals are the cause of a pleasure that counteracts the distress of begetting.

SB 2.6.9 - O Narada, the evacuating outlet of the universal form of the Lord is the abode of the controlling deity of death, Mitra, and the evacuating hole and the rectum of the Lord is the place of envy, misfortune, death, hell, etc.

SB 2.6.10 - The back of the Lord is the place for all kinds of frustration and ignorance, as well as for immorality. From His veins flow the great rivers and rivulets, and on His bones are stacked the great mountains.

SB 2.6.11 - The impersonal feature of the Lord is the abode of great oceans, and His belly is the resting place for the materially annihilated living entities. His heart is the abode of the subtle material bodies of living beings. Thus it is known by the intelligent class of men.

SB 2.6.12 - Also, the consciousness of that great personality is the abode of religious principles-mine, yours, and those of the four bachelors Sanaka, Sanatana, Sanat-kumara and Sanandana. That consciousness is also the abode of truth and transcendental knowledge.

SB 2.6.13-16 - Beginning from me [Brahma] down to you and Bhava [Shiva], all the great sages who were born before you, the demigods, the demons, the Nagas, the human beings, the birds, the beasts, as well as the reptiles, etc., and all phenomenal manifestations of the universes, namely the planets, stars, asteroids, luminaries, lightning, thunder, and the inhabitants of the different planetary systems, namely the Gandharvas, Apsaras, Yakñas, Rakshas, Bhutaganas, Uragas, Pashus, Pitas, Siddhas, Vidyadharas, Charanas, and all other different varieties of living entities, including the birds, beasts, trees and everything that be, are all covered by the universal form of the Lord at all times, namely past, present and future, although He is transcendental to all of them, eternally existing in a form not exceeding nine inches.

SB 2.6.17 - The sun illuminates both internally and externally by expanding its radiation; similarly, the Supreme Personality of Godhead, by expanding His universal form, maintains everything in the creation both internally and externally.

SB 2.6.18 - The Supreme Personality of Godhead is the controller of immortality and fearlessness, and He is transcendental to death and the fruitive actions of the material world. O Narada, O brahmana, it is therefore difficult to measure the glories of the Supreme Person.

SB 2.6.19 - The Supreme Personality of Godhead is to be known as the supreme reservoir of all material opulences by the one fourth of His energy in which all the living entities exist. Deathlessness, fearlessness and freedom from the anxieties of old age and disease exist in the kingdom of God, which is beyond the three higher planetary systems and beyond the material coverings.

SB 2.6.20 - The spiritual world, which consists of three fourths of the Lord's energy, is situated beyond this material world, and it is especially meant for those who will never be reborn. Others, who are attached to family life and who do not strictly follow celibacy vows, must live within the three material worlds.

SB 2.6.21 - By His energies, the all-pervading Personality of Godhead is thus comprehensively the master in the activities of controlling and in devotional service. He is the ultimate master of both nescience and factual knowledge of all situations.

SB 2.6.22 - From that Personality of Godhead, all the universal globes and the universal form with all material elements, qualities and senses are generated. Yet He is aloof from such material manifestations, like the sun, which is separate from its rays and heat.

Your friend in Krishna,