Lord Chaitanya's moon of the Holy Names still rises


Panca tattva kirtana
Over 500 years ago
in Navadwipa,
West Bengal
the lunar eclipse
brought the Hindus
to Mother Ganga
to chant the
Holy Names
unknowingly heralding
the appearance of the
Yuga Avatar
whose mission
was to induce
everyone to chant
Hare Krishna in
ecstatic rapture
as service and in love--
his “acharya lila”
demonstrated this practice.

1972 kirtan in San Francisco
In a place far away
from Navadwipa
Chaitanya’s influence
continues as he
brought Prabhupada
to awaken the forgetful,
empowering me
for four decades
to have the Holy Name
as my constant companion
despite my shortcomings
my Guru’s mercy reigns
personifying Shri Chaitanya
who gave Krishna’s Name
(with the highest pure love)
to the most destitute
forlorn, discontented souls
unhappy by materialism
feeling incomplete
without the grace of bhakti.
The Spiritual Quest
Rising in early morning—
some would say
the middle of the night
or an “ungodly” hour—
but no, hours before sunrise
is the yogic time
of inner contemplation
as the Gita teaches us
that what it night for all
is the awakening time
for yogis, or one person’s
food is another’s poison
since our habits, faith
or attachments reveal
who are friends are
what we strive for
our destination at death—
all is revealed.
Shri Shri Radha Gopinatha
Preparing for Temple service
cleansing the body
dressing in clean robes
wearing sacred tilak
Krishna the proprietor
of my body and soul
always chanting
Hare Krishna
while I stoke the stove
with dry tree bodies
to keep our Deities
and their devotees warm
hopping in the car
hearing Krishna katha.
Prabhupada in Palace
At the Temple
I unlock the doors
turn on the lights
obeisances to Prabhupada
singing the holy names
fetching the Deities sweet
and flowers for arotik
socks and shirt off
a harinama chader
adorns my torso
the holy names
wake the Deities
while I pray to
spiritually awaken
with a service identity.
Japa yajna
Mantras throughout the offering
remembering my guru’s
mercy through the arotik
the holy names
always carrying
and sustain our lives,
as the Deities bathed
with water and guess what?
the holy names!
fresh raiment and garlands
replace the old while
we pray for
a spiritual body!
Then the sounds of
devotee’s chanting japa
meditation on the sound
in the darkened
temple room while
Prabhupada’s japa tape
supports us in the background—
a blissful life each moment
as we look forward
to the Gaura Purnima
celebration and festival
inspiring us to live
by the Holy Name’s mercy
for the rest of our lives
and on to eternity:
Lord Chaitanya’s
moon is rising
letting the holy name
rise up in our heart!

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Sun, 03/21/2010 - 07:40 — vagisha.vasudev

Haribol, very beautiful!!!

Sun, 02/28/2010 - 08:46 — milan
:-) Very nice! Thank you!

:-) Very nice! Thank you!