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The Rāmāyana play was great, everyone did so well. Jāya Śrī Śrī Sīta Rāma! [03:54:38] more play practice pics [18:48:02] Siva's bow & other decor [18:34:09]

Play practice for the Ramayana play tonight, Sri Rupa cut his thumb nail during a plastic sword fight & Oh man the bow of Shiva is amazing! [16:06:51]

Krishna Mangala was changing Ramananda diapers and Visakha was watching, she said, "Mom, baby has a tail" She said yes boys have tails LOL [02:27:47]

coming up next saturday, Harinam @DeepEllumArtsFair[00:26:43]

108 [21:51:13]

Unfaithful Lovers - lecture by Nityananda Prabhu[18:53:58]

Posted: 26 Mar 2010 06:50 AM PDT

Shaved a baby yesterday named Raghav. Shave babies! I also distributed a KRSNA book to his parents. :) [13:50:44]

assisted in giving a temple tour for dozen travelling Muslims from 1/2dozen different countries.Visiting the Gurukula & chanted Koran verses [16:26:34]

did a tour for a theology major from SMU and 12 literature students from Eastfield College. Lots of fun! [01:29:09]

I had a dream that I was preaching to Bill Cosby about the futility of the eternal soul finding substantial happiness in a temporary world [11:47:46]

Smile of Krishna » Blog Archive » Radha Damodara[22:33:47]

Lessons from Hanuman, Lord Rama’s Greatest Servant | ISKCON News Hanuman's simple sindhur [22:27:36]

I rated a YouTube video (4 out of 5 stars) -- The Chain of Screaming [22:25:56] [00:18:46]

So Rāmānanda Das passed all of his latest blood sugar exams. Lavanga & Bob brought some great prasad from Mother Sucarya & now it is snowing [02:44:29]

Baby in a bag.She laughed histerically then said "I happy"[22:37:13]

Bob & Lavanga brought us some amazing prasadam yesterday.In the hospital & all are doing well.Ram has somespells of lowbloodsugar, bless him [20:41:19]

IMG_2838 [19:48:13]

Rāmānanda, Rama Ananda Granger was born today 10am 5lbs 13oz & healthy[20:47:31]

Krishna Mangala is due to give birth tomorrow @ 9:30am please pray that we may have a nice little Vaishnava [23:09:22] HILTON OR BAYLOR POST PARTUM we visited the room on Tue & there really nicely remodeled & very spacious as well [12:49:10] [12:41:52]Studied Śrīmad Bhāgavatam 1.9.1-49 "passing of Bhīshma"[04:06:18]

Going to give class on Bhagavad Gita 13.13-19 the Object of Knowledge.Http:// text me if you have ?s [00:10:29]

Watching Women, Men and Sexuality in Krishna Consciousness LIVE by Mahatma Prabhu [00:08:30]

Today I met the members of the Mantra Rock Band PRINCE RAMA Brooklynites who are originally from Alachua. :) [22:57:44]