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Recorded Monthly Phone Teleconference for Devotees With Marriage Questions!


Recorded Monthly Phone Teleconference for Devotees with Marriage Questions! We had eight people on the call and some good questions.
The Topic: Bringing Our the Best in One Another
WHEN: the Wednesday, December 15, 2010, 7-8 p.m. EST can be accessed if you missed the call by dialing 712-432-0211 and then the Access code: 761698#.

Teleconference Call
The North American Grihastha Vision Team (GVT) offers a FREE teleconference facility every month for devotees who are seeking help with or more information about relationships. The panel consists of qualified devotee experts, counselors, therapists or marriage educators who are committed strengthening devotee marital relationships. After the call they are stored on a website and can be listened to at your convenience.

Arcana-siddhi devi dasi and Karnamrita das, members of the North American Grihastha Vision Team, and residents of Prabhupada Village in North Carolina, will be the guest panelists for this conference call. Arcana Siddhi devi dasi is a trained professional counselor (LCSW) with 20 years experience offering individual counseling. She and her husband Karnamrita das offer premarital and marital counseling to devotees. They also lead four or five workshops a year with a spiritual and/or personal growth theme, as well as teaching the GVT Grihastha Training Course.

For further information about the other expert panelists as well as the efforts and initiatives launched by the North American Grihastha Vision Team (GVT), please check our web-site and sign up for our free newsletter. You may also E-mail us with your questions at