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Spiritual Variety in Universal Oneness


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One Source, One Power
Within Oneness, Diversity
Shri Chaitanya’s Special Gift
Everything One, Different
Distant view, One mountain
Up close—form, variety
One sun, infinite particles
All-pervading Spirit consciousness
Indivisible serving soul-units.

Beyond omnipresent Light
Formless, inconceivable Brahman is
Realm of loving forms,
Ecstasy takes a shape
Varieties, form promotes taste
Beyond a singular Note
Symphony of many voices,
Harmonic Notes, One purpose
United for shared Love.
Lovely Krishna
Disguised servant and master
All enjoying equally
Beyond material duality
Without lower or higher
Everything gives selfless Service
One body, many cells
One Truth in Multiplicity
Divine loving service unites
Krishna is Love Supreme!

Without personal relationships:
The soul to Krishna,
Krishna to everything, everyone,
Govardhan puja celebration
Would be self-worship
Rather than celebrating cooperation
Between Nature, humanity, Divinity
Outlining our Joyful dependence,
Oneness of shared love.
Govardhana Lila

Govardhan puja

I wrote this poem when I thought of observing Vaishnava festivals like the one coming up, Govardhan puja, and how strange it would be to "celebrate" such occasions, thinking that the ultimate truth was impersonal or void. We relish these pastimes as eternally going on, and meditating that we can enter into them by eternal service to our beloved, not self annihilation, or flowery Oneness!