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Kurma's Last Gopals Class - Don't miss out!


Just a reminder that my last class for 2012 at Gopals Melbourne and almost certainly my last class there ever will be held on Sunday 27 May. If you live in Melbourne and you've always wanted to attend, here's your last chance.

Gopal's Vegetarian Restaurant,

Swanston Street,

Melbourne, VIC,

Full-day Cookery Workshop and Feast,

Sunday 27 May,

Bookings & Enquiries call 03 8555 0361

longest vegetarian dinner table:

Here's what we're cooking:

Kurma's Global Vegetarian

Arab-style Rice with Vermicelli and Chickpeas (Roz bil Shagria),

Rustic Ginger-scented Carrot Soup with Fresh Herbs,

Persian-Gulf Curry of Potato, Cauliflower, Preserved Lime and Homemade White Cheese,

North-Indian Mustard-infused Cabbage, Coconut and Peanut Salad (Kobi Pachadi),

Malaysian Vegetable-stuffed Pastries (Curry Puffs),

Javanese Chili and Tomato Relish (Sambal Bajak),

Crispy Wontons Stacked with Fresh Berries and Vanilla-enriched Cream,

Hot Homemade Spiced Tea (Masala Chai)

Extreme fun will be had by all!!