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'Quick Vegetarian Dishes' Reviews



"This book provides quick, easy and healthy dishes you can prepare in a hurry. Kurma Das, Australia’s vegetarian guru, has done it again. His first two highly successful books, “Great Vegetarian Dishes” and “Cooking with Kurma”, along with their entertaining television series, made him a culinary celebrity worldwide. His latest, “Quick Vegetarian Dishes”, is sure to add to his reputation as the high priest of vegetarian cooking.

Kurma’s message in “Quick Vegetarian Dishes” is refreshingly simple: life in the fast lane doesn’t necessarily mean life in the fast food line. Even if your life is moving at Web speed, you can, with Kurma’s expert guidance, quickly prepare something hot and fresh, stunningly original and tasty, for yourself, for two, or for a few others, almost as quickly as you can order out. In “Quick Vegetarian Dishes” you’ll find the gastronomical equivalent of sound bites – taste bites, essential gourmet vegetarian delights that deliver the most palatable results with the least amount of time and effort. If you’re the type of person that jumps on a plane with only carry-on luggage, this is the cookbook for you. You’ll be in and out of the kitchen in record time.

Like life today, the fare in “Quick Vegetarian Dishes” is fast, stylish, variegated, and multicultural. Kurma has chosen a tantalizing array of international dishes to showcase your speed-cooking talents. Just reading over the recipe list for each chapter is enough to make you cancel the restaurant reservations and pick up a saucepan. International recipes with Japanese, Egyptian, Syrian, Indian, Indonesian, Mexican, Iranian, Italian, Caribbean, Greek, Chinese and American flavors and many more." Balance Ayurvedic Products

QVD the cover:

"I really enjoy Kurma's no-frills, no gimmicks television show. His enthusiasm for vegetarian food is infectious. He has already written many successful books, but, as the name implies, the emphasis here is on making quick and easy meals. Quick Vegetarian Dishes is packed with colour photographs of virtually every dish. Highly recommended." (Brisbane Courier Mail, December 2000)

Order this book now (signed by the author) by contacting me at kurmadasa@gmail.com.