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Saved From Comic Crud

Karnamrita Das

(this blog is recorded on the full page: quick time player needed)

Remembering my material sojourn:
Caught up in the waves of a Cosmic storm
ever-increasing change and uncertainty
swirling, frightening energy @ mind speed
lightening wind, amidst thunderous explosions
bewildered, I go all directions at once, but nowhere,
I’m desperate for stability, fulfillment, truth, peace
a lasting resting place with loving feelings
understanding who I really am through and through,
asking what’s my relationship to life & the Universe
searching to find meaning in chaos and misery—

Changing Bodies
But as soon as I get comfortable and settled
I morph into a karmic soccer ball kicked mercilessly
up and down the Universal field with duality goals
spinning in a misery-go-round at warp speed
repeatedly cast out in endless seas
washing up on the shore of mediocrity
grabbed, I’m kneaded into cosmic gooey dough
to become ingredients for another’s manna
fried on an open fire creating my body (leftovers)
emerging, exhausted, into an edible landscape
hungry beings pursue me with dripping lips, angry eyes.
Machines are king
With bleeding wounds, I barely avoid being eaten
from one calamity to another, “How can I continue?”,
then out of nowhere comes a helping hand
the light of Truth beckons me forward
among Nature’s rhythm in celestial forests
the red sky-trees call me to learn by opening my heart,
everything vibrates to Divine musical formations
the hidden Composer give clues, and prompts, for Seers,
sending his secret agents who joyfully embodying mercy,
Krishna’s flute song is music’s Source and purpose
made available through his penetrating holy names—
LC with devotees
Vibrated by dancing pure devotees with loving eyes
causing my past to roll up in the palm of my hand
beyond the meaninglessness of vain people
their confusing, sticky matrix's falling away
my old karmic residue gradually disintegrates
the veneer of youthful beauty smells repulsive
but old habits die hard and fight to endure
so I still have to choose at every moment
to serve illusion or the real Lord of our heart,
I choose Krishna by serving w/taste in loving Him
by the mercy of Shri Guru, Gauranga and Vaishnavas.
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