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I’ve decided to follow the Pope


So I’ve just become the 56,76oth follower of the Pope on Twitter. He’s on as ‘Pontifex’ as the handle ‘Real Pope’ has already been taken by an impostor.

Last time I saw the Pope was outside the Vatican. He was being driven around the piazza so that his followers could see him. He already has a lot of followers, around 2 billion all over the world, so his Twitter account will be very busy.

The mission to spread the good news has always taken advantage of the latest inventions in communication and transport, whether it was the printing press, the steam engine railways, the television, or the internet. The Devil is always busy exploiting all of these for his nefarious purposes, so the workers of light have to as well.

Will the Pope crack jokes? Tell me that he’s in a boring meeting? Or re-tweet me something he finds interesting? Right now, I’m just coping with the fact that he’s just released a book explaining that there were no donkeys in the manger when Jesus was born. There goes the authenticity of that nativity set my Mum gave me. Next he’ll be telling us that Jesus wasn’t born on Christmas Day. I await his tweets with interest.