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Does the Devotees’ Personal Touch Make a Difference?

Bhakti-lata dasi

Very often, the only link an inmate has with the outside world is his correspondence with the IPM devotees. Some are fortunate enough to have supportive family or friends, but most are not. I am realizing more and more how important the relationship the inmates develop with their devotee pen pal(s) is for them.
A few weeks ago I received a letter from inmate Bhakta Terry H. from Bessemer, Alabama. He is new to Krsna consciousness. Terry is in solitary confinement, which means that he stays in a small, one-man cell 23 hours a day, without any contact with anyone, and is taken out for only 1 hour every day, for a shower and a walk outside. Moreover, untypically, he is not allowed any books at all. Terry first wrote to ask if someone could print the entire Bhagavad-gita, as he is allowed to receive printed material. I am sending him a few chapters at a time and he is diligently and systematically reading them.
Here is part of Terry’s letter:

“I was very happy to receive a letter from you. I thought no one would care to answer me back. I thank you so very much for printing and sending me the Bhagavad-gita. Please never think or feel as though you are doing this for nothing, because Lord Krishna knows you are not. Words cannot even express my gratitude for how you answered one of my prayers.
I have to let you know that your kindness touched my heart and really made me more strongly interested in the Krishna consciousness movement. I want this to be my life and religion until I leave this body. I’m not all that advanced in the Bhagavad-gita or anything else containing Krishna consciousness the way I used to think I was.
I need to learn the Bhagavad-gita because it is the words of my God Krishna. I realize that my consciousness is contaminated and for this purpose the Bhagavad-gita was spoken for all beings like me who want to know their real constitutional position in life.”

“After reading and meditating on “Setting the Scene” and also Chapter One, what I got was true knowledge that shed some light into this deep, dark ignorance I’ve been raised up and living in. I am suffering and full of anxieties because of my being conditioned.
For so long I’ve been struggling to trust and believe in a God that understands and exists. My family raised me up in Christianity but I cannot believe that our material forms will resurrect from the graves on the Last Day. But I have no problem believing in my soul taking on other forms. And a planet where Krishna lives I can believe. My understanding is not that advanced but I am a fast learner.
I am in a contaminated state. So I’m going to have to take the Battlefield of Kuruksetra to be the Battle between my contaminated soul and pure consciousness. Listening to Krishna’s teaching will give me the correct weapons and armor to fight this spiritual warfare within. I have a long way to go with this battle. I am now ready to study chapter 2.
I am not allowed japa beads but I still chant. I use all the spaces between the lines on my fingers and thumbs. I plan to increase my chanting. For now I have been doing 8 rounds a day. “

In the following letter Terry writes,

“Thank you so very much for sending me chapter 2. I received it on Friday and so I read the whole thing the whole week-end and meditated on it as well.
Lord Krishna has shown me in chapter 2 that the symptom of the soul’s presence is consciousness. I understand now also that I cannot be desireless or senseless but I do have to change the quality of my desires.
I love the pictures of Krsna you send me. I hang them on the walls in my cell. I’m able to wake up and see my Lord the first thing in the morning and all through the day. This is good for my consciousness. Krsna consciousness. I am now ready to read chapter 3.Thank you.”

Note: You can see in the accompanying picture that Terry also expresses his gratitude by taking the time to decorate his envelopes very beautifully.

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