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Sadhu Sanga Notes - HH Sacinandana Swami’s class "Faith III - Prajña Nuggets Prospector"


SB 07.09.18 Sacinandana Swami
Sum: Prahlada expresses his deep faith in the chanting the holy names of the Lord.
Two minds sets for the this festival.

1. Let me see what is happening.
2. Or How can use the days to the best of my abilities how can I go deeper.
As a neutral observer or an active participant.

Faith III
Faith is the ground on which we walk.
No faith no results.
Two things in the beginning. Place. A resting place

Viśvanātha Cakravartī Thakura says it is sastra & process
Śaraṇām gacah
Faith and surrender
Faith in the upaya, the sadhana, by which you reach your upeya, the goal.
Gold nuggets in Alaska. Journey made on faith, so much austerities.
As one attempts to find gold whether he is successful or not.

Jīva Goswami
Virya strength comes from faith, no wobbly knees
smriti remembrance, clarity
Prajña realization of Krishna.
Samadhi Nama samadhi

"Sanga is the birth place of faith"
Therapeutic efforts.
Prajña nuggets prospector

Story of Sumanasena Maharaja.
Nārada Muni came, why depressed?
Yes help me. Are youu Bahir Mukha  or Antar Mukha.
You body will have you smelly body go quickly down a river.
Only thing permanent, Bhakti.  When Kali Yuga come, Gauranga.
Chanting Pancha Tattva
But he wanted to see Lord Caitanya
Then one night a dream
A golden flash in a dark night.

Question 1: the king he had no faith. He got he highest associating. Faith vs association.
Answer: One make offenses & seal heart off
Left me follow. - Viśvanātha Cakravartī Thakura
Did not seal off. Open his heart.

Question 2: difference between intellectually understand. In the mind Vs  movement of heart.
Answer: How do we know the difference.
When we get the fruit.
A matti? Will arise. Leaning towards goal. Encouraged good, discouraged then did not work. Not to validated in our maya. No prajalpa