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Are you ready to be Free?


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colorful desolate tree photo desolatetree_zps253cd4db.jpg
Are you ready to be free (?)
it doesn’t mean being a tree—
you laugh, but our body is the same—
we’re forced to choose survival,
for the tree, growing to the light
thinking that this is life’s purpose,
and we’re forced to be human
identifying with race, gender, age
mental likes and dislikes—physicality.

If we could only realize our self
the simple truth of spiritual existence
not defending what can’t endure:
our conception of material identity
our family, house, possessions, country,
at death we lose everything
bound by karmic necessity;
spiritual realization, our only true asset
bringing us eventually to our soul’s home.
Free as a bird in a cage photo Trappedinacage_zps3bed4ce8.jpg
Are you ready to be free(?)—
not like the bird in a cage
or the silkworm in its cocoon
but like the soaring spirit
leaving its physical shell behind
one purpose and one identity
in our highest, eternal prospect
the true heart’s potential
of loving service to God.

Do what you have to
“the way out is through”
but don’t forget your soul
become a “miner” of the spirit
cutting through external things
excavating the jewel of your soul
in the cave of the material heart,
as consciousness is world’s real light—
our purpose, to let it shine.
Freed from the Matrix photo Free_yourself_from_the_Matrix_zps2873d0f8.jpg
OK, I have a soul, so what?
No, we don’t have one
we are the soul—imagine:
our separation from the soul’s life
is the cause of all our problems
which (of all things) are due to the body
as we struggle for existence, to keep alive
thinking everything is finished at death—
we only need to wake up from the Matrix.

1st premise: we are an eternal soul
2nd: the body and mind can’t satisfy us
3rd: we become what we contemplate
4th: life is to realize our “soul purpose”
5th: we are part of God, or Krishna
6th: our nature is to serve and love him
7th: purification is required to uncover this
8th: bhakti is the method to awaken
9th: chanting Hare Krishna is the best process
Saved by kirtan photo SPanddevoteeschanting_zps452079de.jpg photo 580037_523234621053373_1840735234_n_zps43bca241.jpg

(background music, the song, “Gate, Gate”, from the album, “Bija—Seeds of Prayer,” by John Protopapas and Jan Eyer)