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Diversity on FB--what to do?


The other day I changed my FB background pic to one of young girls swinging Radha-Damodara in the woods. Some devotees (especially who've been there) clicked on 'Like' or commented. It occurred to me afterwards that FB is such an odd place, where all together are gathered those who are with you day by day, who share your Hare Krishna lifestyle (about 90%), and then there are those you know from elsewhere, such as family members and friends from high school days. How odd it must seem to them!

Of course, most of my family members have been exposed to such things for a while now; no doubt I was overzealous at first about trying to 'share the love' of my newfound faith. But over the years they can see that I'm happy and healthy and doing what I like; and I've been honest with them, too, about some of the disappointments that inevitably occur. We have learned to accept one another's ways with fondness, or at least respect.

My old friends, though, haven't had as much chance to 'catch up'--and I felt I should explain somehow. It's not as though I wasn't dubious about deity worship in the beginning. How to convey the essence in a simple way? I wanted at least to try. . .

One point (philosophical) is that if omnipotence is one of God's qualities, then He should be able to turn matter into spirit, or spirit into matter, at will. Another is acknowledging that in our current condition, where we so strongly tend to identify with matter, we can hardly perceive the spiritual form of the transcendent Lord; so He kindly agrees to manifest in a form we can see and remember.

We are in the sadhana (practicing) stage of devotional service; so by taking care of the Lord in His deity form, we are training ourselves in a practical way, to offer everything to Him first.

At least that gives a hint. When one is involved, it gets deeper. But how to present in a way that can help to increase mutual respect and understanding? Got any ideas?