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Breaking News!! Statue of Nirākāra Brahman was stolen from the temple!


At around 11:08 last night His Grace Ayudhya Prabhu and Nirguna Rupa looked everywhere for the statue and concluded that it must have been stolen.  An anonymous donor had paid the high price of $16,108 for the inconceivable statue and records have shown that the statue was duly shipped.

(This is where the statue was going to be installed – Picture by channel 12 news)

When interviewed by the news, Avyaktā Das and his wife Arupina Devī Dāsī revealed,

“It is really hard to figure out how are we going to find this statue, for we do not know what it looks like, it’s color, it’s height, nor do we even know how we feel about it being missing.  Even Krishna in the Bhagavad Gita 12.5 says that to find Nirākāra Brahman is very troublesome.”

Oh and by the way HAPPY APRIL FOOL’S DAY

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