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Our Cancún Trip–Part 2 Beach, Harinam and Book Distribution

On Sunday we were able to visit the ISKCON farm and we had just one day left.  So Monday we finally took our dip in the ocean.  We left out early to visit the clear ocean and do a little exploring. 

This guy was the smaller one.  Both were waiting near the bus stop.

In front of Plaza la Isla shopping center we got to meet this friendly spider monkey.   He was very friendly and climbed on our heads and our hands.   When some more kids showed up and started petting him he got a little nervous and bit Visakha finger.  He also doesn’t like cameras so he doesn’t look happy picture as well.   Here you can see him give an upset squeak to the camera.


It tickled.  As a Father’s Day present Krishna Mangala had me sit in one of these. 

We distributed a book to the guy running it.

After our little exploration we went to Gopal’s Vegetarian restaurant for some prasadam, harinam kirtan, and spiritual book distribution. Smile

The airport was like a shopping mall trying to confiscate the last of your money. 


The plane ride was wonderful.  I was originally supposed to sit next to this nice older couple but my seat was changed to sit next to these two young sisters from Austin.  One was 13 and the other was 15.  The older one started to ask me about my attire.   She then began to explain to me that she is doing a study on the nature of happiness.  From that point on we had a wonderful discussion about happiness, the soul, reincarnation, devotional service and the three modes of nature.   She told me that she is generally quite afraid of flying but did not think about during this flight because of the interesting discussion.   She was very happy to receive a copy of the Bhagavad Gita in Spanish.   It is always nice to bring some BBT books with you where ever you go.  This what she wrote me on Facebook

  Thank you. It was a pleasure to meet you as well. I enjoyed learning about the ancient Indian culture and I have different views of the world now. Thank you so much!

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