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Morning Chanting Magic

Karnamrita Das

Morning chanting magic photo FSCN6822_zpsl8nejedj.jpg
For spiritual practice, the early morning
quietness, calm, lack of fruitive action
more than quantity, time’s has a quality
like fragrant gold and pure magic
morning facilitates hearing, contemplation.

Like a blanket, darkness accentuates sound
we better hear the holy name, Hare Krishna
mind is less active, the newness of the day
at any age the morning is our excited youth
full of potential, promise, highest aspirations.

Habits are our friend or enemy—
if you create the habit of rising early
(against the world’s current, & being "cool")
it facilitates the soul, improves life’s worth
the morning sets the tone for the day.

Several hours before dawn
as the world dreams in sleep, I rise—
an ungodly hour?—NO—not for the wise:
it’s meant for waking us from ignorance
with my beads, humbly, I call out to God.

Meditative steps, as I pace back and forth
the knot of material existence loosens;
traveling around my beads with attention
I leave the cycle of birth and death behind
one bead, one mantra, one step at a time.

Our morning focus will become our life
the hours, days, months, and years add up
becoming what we focus on & hanker for
as our desires and attachments impel acts—
the holy name, a touchstone, changes us.
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Morning Worship

I loved your blog describing the virtues and spiritual characteristics of early morning. The time when we all can hear most clearly. I loved the line, "the newness of the day at any age----is excited youth, full of potential,promise, highest aspirations."
So beautiful, prabhu!

I remember so clearly that early morning joy when waking up and the whole house was quiet. The wonderment and excitement pleasantly mixed together. What excitement would the day bring? What adventures lie ahead? what will I discover today? How wonderful it is to tap into those warm feelings again, only this time it is about our journey to find Krsna.

Your blog was enchanting and magical. Missing the early morning is like missing the most valuable part of your life. Thank you for writing this to inspire us all further on our path to please His Divine Grace Srila Prabhupada!