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    Posted: 6 days 9 hours ago
    [Originally published on Dec 9th, 2009] Some complain about getting along with others who cause them many problems— ah, if they could only be alone they could experience some peace and quite— but really we are all relational creatures as is all existence, conscious or inert if we really study the universe: Everything has its component parts from solar systems and planets to the elements composing them earth, water, fire, air, space living things, celestial bodies cells, DNA, atoms, molecules...
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    Posted: 1 week 5 days ago
    Author: Karnamrita Das
    It is often difficult to keep secrets, especially about one’s health, so after due consideration (so you don’t hear this second or third hand) I am publically sharing that after preliminary tests, secondary cancer has been discovered in a swollen lymph node in my neck. There is at least one more test in conventional medicine that could be performed—a PET or full body scan—to try to find the primary cancer. Unfortunately, I have found that just mentioning the word cancer freaks everyone out, as...
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    Posted: 2 weeks 19 hours ago
    Due to the extensive help from a large body of devotees here in Dallas the Govardhan Puja festival has been exceedingly grand this year.  Here is a video of the cake mountain preparations. Bhaktin Brittany decided to spend the night on Saturday so that she could work the whole evening Saturday and Sunday in preparation.  She is was amazing a real trooper.  She has a wonderful service mood.  Both my wife and her slept just for a few hours and spend both days just...
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    Posted: 3 weeks 3 days ago
    Author: Karnamrita Das
    (this blog is recorded on the full page: quick time player needed) [reposted from 9-26-2012] None of us want to be sick, and yet we all experience the occasional cold, flu, or something more serious. Some persons, like my wife, who have a weak immune system, deal with a body that is prone to catch whatever bug is going around. Having such a delicate bodily instrument, if they don’t eat and sleep properly they become more susceptible to illness. Thus my wife is a much greater expert than me in...
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    Posted: 4 weeks 22 hours ago
    Author: Karnamrita Das
    (©syamarani dasi, used with permission; [reposted from Oct 2009] Often I have spoken of matter’s “naked form”— its conditions upon us or rather how our body is subjected to tribulations, conditions and diminishing returns with misery sometimes reaching such a pitch that cruel death seems a welcoming friend, but “death” is only another beginning as we take birth again to pursue the same things repeatedly looking to fulfill our spiritual urges through external, physical bodies...
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