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Dance for the pleasure of The Avatars of Vishnu

Although I am from England and grew up as a Christian, I was always interested in Vishnu. When I became a Vaishnava I learned more about Vishnu from the scriptures. I have also raised my children on the same path. Here is a dramatic dance by my daughters Jahnavi and Tulasi, with Jaya Krishna Das. It describes the avatars of Lord Vishnu according to the early mediaeval song written by Jayadeva Goswami. You will hear me singing the song in the background.


The Ten Avatars of Vishnu

"Qu'ils mangent de la brioche"

Apparently there is no record of Marie Antoinette ever having said this favourite line when told that the common people were starving.


One thing is for sure: I did bake a cake yesterday and here it is. At least this is a photographic record that it existed.

Sampradaya and Parampara: Sweet as a Stick of Rock

Sampradaya and Parampara: Sweet as a Stick of Rock

Sampradaya and Parampara: Sweet as a Stick of Rock

Sadness of Delhi Rape Death: Words from a Friend

Words by B.B.Govinda Swami


I read, with sadness, of the death of the young Indian girl who was gang raped in Delhi.

My prayers go to that departed soul, to her family, and to her friend who was also beaten and thrown off the bus.

The present perverted culture of India allows rape and molestation of women to take place anywhere and everywhere in the nation.

I have been shocked in hearing the stories of my female students in Vrindavan;

Today's Produce

Fresh produce from my garden. By the way dear readers, I now have transferred a lot of my energy to my new Facebook page. If you'd like to find me, and I know you, I will accept your friend request. Comment on this post to get that happening.


New Anti-Smoking Ad Campaign

Interesting to see that yet another hard-hitting anti-smoking ad campaign is about to be released here in Britain. Although there’s been drastic changes here in the past ten years, there are still so many smokers who cannot conceive of the devastating cancer that lies ahead for them.

Aspects of a Successful Parampara


Aspects of a Successful Parampara


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