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Is daily prayer really necessary?

Is daily prayer really necessary?

Our Answer:
We don't recommend "daily" prayer; rather, we recommend praying at every moment.

We should understand how tiny and vulnerable we are, especially considering the many factors threatening our survival, such as time, weather, disease, other people, etc. Even the most seemingly routine and automatic activities—like breathing, digesting food, and keeping our blood circulating—are not under our control. For our own benefit, we are better off the more we acknowledge that we require assistance beyond ourselves just to continue living in this material body.

Those who are in pure Krishna consciousness are fully aware of our tenuous predicament in this world. Along with developed spiritual consciousness comes a keenly felt dependence on the Supreme at every moment. All religious practices are meant to bring us to that point.

The Hare Krishna mantra is composed of names of the Supreme; in the absolute sense, there's no difference between the name and that which is named. It's also a selfless prayer, commonly translated as: "Dear Lord, please engage me in Your service." It's a prayer that is eternally self-fulfilling and foolproof. We recommend that.