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Download Videos From

One of our volunteers developed the following tutorial to share with other users.

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Tutorial Begins Here

Hare Krishna Dear Devotees,

I recently contacted support asking how to download videos from and convert them to mp3. Then I discovered a way to do it.

Here are the step by step instructions.
This process has been tested on Windows and Macintosh based machines with success.

1. Install Firefox

2. Install an additional addon called Video Download Helper from the following address:

3. Click on "Add To Firefox".

You may see a "Download Helper from a not trusted source?" warning, but don’t worry, that is a generic statement. I have this on a machine with Symantec End point Protection with the latest updates and it works like a charm.

4. (optional) Install another addon which gives the status of the download. It’s called "Download Statusbar"

5. Once installed, click to restart firefox.

6. Don’t worry about playing with the options. You can leave it as it is.

7. You will know that it has been successfully installed when you see the multicolored Download Helper icon in the menu bar area.

8. Go to

9. Navigate to and click on the video you wish to download.

10. Play the video.

11. Now the DownloadHelper will become active. You will recognize this, as the icon (previously grey in color) will light up in color.

12. Click on the downward arrow sign beside the Download Helper Icon.

13. Click on the file name and it will give you option to save the file (default format flv).

14. Once you selected the location and clicked “save” you can pause the video.

15. Open one more tab in the same window by pressing CTRL + T (COMMAND + T on a Mac).

16. Here is a little trick to get it started: once you open the new tab in existing windows, close the main tab “the page which is playing video”. If you don’t do that, the video won’t start downloading. That should save you some confusion!

17. You’re done! Download any free .flv player in order to watch the downloaded videos. Free FLV Player for Windows is very good. Wimpy Player for Mac will also do a fine job. You can download Youtube to mp3 Free Converter and convert the downloaded video file (.flv) to .mp3 format if you want a small, audio only file.