Amount of sleep necessary

I have heard different things about the amount of sleep an adult person needs; please advise me. I would like to be awake more often to chant but find myself falling asleep and weak of will power. Thank you!

on sleep

It's very individual depending on many factors like age, work, inborn gunas, food (don't eat later than two hours before going to sleep), health (esp. prana circulation), etc.
It's said that the sleep time before midnight is more effective than after midnight. It's also my experience - the earlier I go to sleep the less time I need. Best is to awake naturally, which means the body is rested.
Ideally a devotee should awake before brahma muhurta which starts 96 minutes - i.e. 2 muhurtas - before sunrise. This is the best time of day for spiritual activities. More on muhurtas:
Some stretching and pranayama before japa and while falling asleep helps.

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thank you very much! i

thank you very much! i appreciate the recommendations.


I think it is best for me to always chant in the mornings before I go to work. I do all of my 16 rounds before work. Yes, I do have to get up super early in the mornings to do it. However, in the past, I use to tell myself that I would chant as soon as I got home from work. However, every time I got home from work, I would never do any chanting. I was too tired and too overwhelmed after work to even try to chant. Now I go to work with peace of mind. I take daytime naps on my days off from work to catch up on the sleep I miss when I am working. I wish you the best of luck with your chanting.