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Chanting makes me emotional

Hare Krishna!

I have been chanting for about 2 years. And sometimes, especially with the HK Songs of Krishna Das (on youtube) I get very emotional and could start crying. Actually I was not brave enough to ask somebody in the real world, so that is why I am happy to find this board :)

Can you give me an explanation for this action? Do I have unreleased emotions which are blocked through the day? I am a very open person and I always care about my person and my thoughts.

Thank you very much :)

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RE: Chanting makes me emotional

In Srila Prabhupada's book The Science of Self-Realization page 139, it states, that crying is one of the 8 possible transcendental ecstasies.

So keep up the good job. I also used to cry when I used to pray the Rosary.


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Transcending illusions

By regular and disciplined practise of Hare Krishna the chanter wakes up from illusion. One of the strongest illusions of this world is our misidentification with our bodies. Most people think they are these bodies and cannot recognize their existence as separate from the body. We are pure spirit souls, part and parcels of God. However due to our identification with temporary matter, we feel we are nothing more than this body. Chanting of Hare Krishna helps us see ourselves as separate from this body; we transcend the layers of body, mind, intelligence and ego and connect to the pure spirit soul, in it’s pure relationship with the all loving and merciful God, Krishna

Thats great!

crying for Krishna is wonderful, that means lot's of progress in Krsna Consciousness. Sometimes I cry too from hearing his beautiful bhajans and kirtans.

It's not possible to answer

It's not possible to answer specifically with so little info.
General answer: yes, Krsna bhajans can make us cry.

Hari Hari
ys Jan

Hi Jan, thank you for your

Hi Jan,

thank you for your reply! What kind of further info could I provide?

HK :)

Things like: Do you cry while

Things like: Do you cry while listening to mundane songs as well? On what level is your detachment from material things and your understanding of Krsna tattva?

Best if you ask some senior devotee who knows you, if there's any around you.

Hari Hari
ys Jan

KrushNa,Radhe,devotee bhAv, lyrics, raag, tune, rhythm, KrushNa

Hare KrushNa

Prabhuji, thank you for adding these ratna-jewels to the jholi-sack. A humble observation:

1. It has got to be about KrushNa and Him alone
2. The lyrics of some bhajans can move mountains - i.e. make one cry
e.g. This bhajan :
kaun kehete hai bhagvan ate nahi, khate nahi, sote nahi, nachte nahi, tum meera ke jaise bulate nahi, yashoda ke jaise sulate nahi, shabri ki tarah khilate nahi, gopiyon ki tarah nachate nahi.

You came and were always by my side all along in different ways and what a lousy service i performed towards You.

This applies to abhanga, other kirtans, and very rarely - songs composed for commercial movies but heavily revolving around SuperSoul - some see it some don't.

3. The singer - mostly a devotee , and hence a bhAvpUrNa singer
Here is one bhAvapUrNa unknown bengali singer : Jay[o] Radha Madhav, Kunjabihari ~
Some beautiful kirtans for instance by Loknath Maharaj and others - Recently i posted his kirtans that make everyone dance.

4. The raag (HindustAni classical) in which the bhajan/kirtan is sung, and the tune/melody is very instrumental in bringing tears
Certain raagas, when sung in the right mood and at the right time - well it depends
Some make one dance
And some others make one sing

5. The rhythm and beat adds to it although as accessories - HArinam sankirtan ki jay . So it is team-work. The mrudung player, flute player .... but Who created the sound of the mrudung ? Back to Him -

**KrushNa** alone is the source of those tears and dance.

All of the above together churns us butter - maakhan, madh - honey, and nick-nack jewellery that can bring one of several outcomes - cry, dance, or repeated singing till others are sick of you.

Gaurasundar ki Jay
Radharani ki Jay
Jai Shri Radhe-ShyAm

_/\_ praNAm

Things like: Do you cry while

Hare kerisha,
Tell me first how to know on what level is My detachment .

That you'll have to judge

That you'll have to judge yourself or someone who knows you well by recognizing what is your level of material consciousness (kosa): annamaya, pranamaya, manomaya, vijnanamaya or anandamaya. See Krsna Book, Prayers of the Personified Vedas.

Hari Hari
ys Jan

Thank you Shanth and Jan.

Thank you Shanth and Jan. Difficult question to classify myself. I have to think about it. I will answer soon. Thank you both again!

Tears of Art or tears of Love?

Hello Silur.

In his wonderful Purport to the Hare Krishna Mantra, Srila Prabhupada states: "The chanting is exactly like the genuine cry of the child for the mother."

Are your tears an emotional reaction to the performer's vocal presentation, or to a particularly lovely melody?

Or do you experience you heart crying-out to Lord Krishna to lift you up from this churning ocean of illusion and suffering?

If you are feeling overwhelmed by the beauty of an artful performance, then I would suggest that your tears are a result of your sensory experience, and are of little concern.

If hearing the transcendental vibration of Lord Sri Krishna's exquisite holy Name is making your heart long to be with Him, love Him, and serve His pleasure - then this may be a sign that your heart is tasting the sweet nectar of Bhakti.

"Beautiful performances" are not necessary.
Beautiful, loving devotion is what matters.

Your friend and well-wisher,
Damodara dasa

Thank you very much

Thank you very much Damodara!
I cant really figure out in which way it is. At the moment I would say it is a mix of both the art perfomence and the transcendental vibs.

The problem is I now live in an area where I feel cut off from other devotees I can talk with. That is why I have come here.

Thanks again for your comment and for all the other comments!

The Real Art

Hello again, Silur.

Your estimation that it may be a mixture of feelings is a good sign of genuine self evaluation.

As the holy Name of Krishna cleanses the sensory-laden dirt from our hearts, the real experience of Bhakti is given fertile ground in which to grow.

Chanting our Japa in that childlike crying-out mood described by Srila Prabhupada is important ... as is the real art of actually listening to the vibration, as we utter it with our mouth and tongue.

When vibrating and hearing bring us into that childlike state of longing - those tears can be like little flowers offered at the lotus Feet of Sri Sri Radha-Krishna.

So chant and hear, hear and chant - and your tears will become little droplets of love.

Hari Bol.