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Dear Devotees I need some help from Brainwashing

A few years ago I spent some time in a Mental Hospital under an unscrupulous Psychiatrist that wanted to put his foot in the door of my life and influence my Bhakti in a way that made him feel he put an appropriate touch on my life.

He used advance mind control behavioral therapy techniques to encourage me to chant less because he felt it was dominating my life.

At that time I had chanted for 5 years daily faithfully nice jappa 16 rounds. I had even made up for lost time before that during break periods.

My guru also help establish jappa in my life very strongly, enabling me to meditate with thoughts of Krishna I had never foreseen as possible.

Please come to this tread and give me help meditating again, I really want to chant Jappa 16 rounds but this man has left a powerful psychic impression on me like a haunting ghosts and when I try to focus my attention like that again I come to his overbearing demeanor on my psyche.

I am not trying to blame anyone for all this it is my own fault for stoping but this is true brainwashing what he did and I need help, healing from it.

Thank you in advance.

I am in the same boat as you

I am so sorry to hear your situation. What this person did is horrible. He will
be punished by Krishna for trying to destroy your bhakti.

I am in the same boat as you. My parents start blaspheming ISKCON when I chant or practice devotional life. So, whenever I chant too, I feel some sort of ghosts in my mind. They try to get their relatives together and teach me that all this is some nonsense logic. They made me feel that I am some sort of abnormal/sad person for practicing KC so I can feel what you mean.

You can use re-inforcement theory as described by B.F. Skinner. It is desribed here :

Try rewarding yourself whenever you chant. The behavior that is rewarded gets reinforced. Increase your chanting slowly and slowly - this is called systematic desensitization.

Best of Luck!