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Hare Krsna!!!!!

Hello every one my name is Lucas i have been attending temple regularly now for 2 months and spending lots of extra time with devotees and offering service to them like fixing plumbing and mowing at the temple for them. I have been a vegetarian for 3 months now and also chant sixteen rounds on my japas. Through Krsna and association with his devotees i have become a new person and live to please Godhead. At the moment i am reading The teachings of Queen Kunti and cooking from a higher taste. I just wanted to say hello.

Welcome Lucas

Hello Lucas. Hare Krsna! I was so happy to hear how nicely you are progressing in Krsna Consciousness. You are so fortunate to have opportunities to serve Devotees, and thereby Krsna. Chanting 16 rounds already! Wonderful! Keep reading as you are. The Teachings of Queen Kunti is a great book. Association is so important especially in the beginning.

I wish you many wonderful experiences on your path back to Godhead. May Srila Prabhupada shower many blessing upon you. Hare Krsna!

Hare krishna

hello myself Amit,from india , i am 3d artist more into game development and shot 3d animated movies . lord krishna inspired me much in my life
i made one 3d video hope you peoples like