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Hare Krsna from Sweden

Hare Krsna!

I'm new here and I'm hoping to get to know some new friends. I don't have any Krsna-councious people near me, which is also the reason why I associate only as much as I have to with any of the people around me.
I was hoping to find some friends here to speak with about Krsna and all the subjects thereof, which with the correct point of view would mean any topic at all.
I'm a 22 year old student from Sweden, studying computer programming during school and studying the Vedas from home.
Who are you? :)
I am so happy that I found this forum, and I'm eager to get to know you all!

Hare Rama!

Hari Hari Hrsikesaji, welcome

Hari Hari Hrsikesaji,

welcome here. This forum is pretty much reading-only. Wonder why. The only frequent contributors are Radhikesh P. and myself but the posts get quite some pageviews.
In Lund there's a well-known Govinda's near university manned by Locan P.
I live in Prague, Czech Republic, but I stayed in NE-BBT center in Korsnas Gard near Stockholm for four years.
You can ask anything and we'll try to answer. You can also email me. See contacts page at
All the best.

ys Jan