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help me find my way

Hare Krishna
I was introduced to K.C about 3 months ago through HIS DIVINE GRACE SRILA PRABHUPADA'S books. His explanations made so much sense to all that i was currently going through. Questions concerning material frustrations, why i'm here etc.
My biggest problem though is doubt in the Supreme. I want to practice bhakti yoga so badly, but i stumble. A few days i believe in Him, then i here critisism from a christian point of view and i'm confused all over again, i question is He real? Am i hoping too much? ;(, i end up getting sooo upset, i feel like i'm letting Lord Krishna down, i have no idea how to deal with this;( How to i revive my relationship with God when my mind is so unstable and takes in any negative comments about HIm.

Please help me get through this


If you pray to the Lord, He

If you pray to the Lord, He may reveal Himself to you and clarify whatever is needed. Various religious viewpoints aren't as important as one's direct realization of God because everyone has a specific relationship with Him.

All the best.
Hari Hari
ys Jan

Thank you

You're right,thank you, has anyone else dealt with doubt before? How do you deal with it?

Doubts are a sign of

Doubts are a sign of intelligence. The opposite is a blind acceptance or a blind rejection, both unreasonable positions.
Doubts are clarified by 1. study and practice leading to personal realizations and 2. a humble inquiry from advanced persons, a kind of shortcut of 1.

"The only cure for non-belief is the mystical experience." - Thomas Merton

Hari Hari
ys Jan

That makes alot of sense

Thanks for replying, will definetly try to implement the above methods in my spiritual life

There is nno question of

There is nno question of doubt. Forms may be different but inner divine is the same. Worship the form you love the most.