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I got "tricked" at the Sadhana Retreat

I thought it would be fun to just go and pretend to be a "real devotee" for the weekend. However, something strange is happening to me. When I got home from the Retreat I found out that I had lost interest in playing on the computer and watching TV. Monday at work was a total disaster.
It was hellish. However, this morning I found myself at the Temple at 3:30am anxious and wanting to chant 16 rounds. Yes, you heard me right.
"WANTING" to chant 16 rounds. I cannot tell you just how wonderful that Retreat was for me. Great teachers, wonderful devotee association, and great prasadam. I am so thankful that I was able to attend. I am a different person today. I now feel that it is possible for me to chant 16 rounds a day. So now I have to stay strong and determined. I have to remember all the words of wisdom I learned at the Retreat.

That is wonderful!

It happens when you least expect it. I've had a similar experience which I will discuss in another post. It's a great uplifting inner feeling of freedom.

Hari bol

Jay Nitai!

Heard of similar cases before. Krsna is the best trickster. :)

Hari Hari
ys Jan

wonderful, so glad to hear

wonderful, so glad to hear that black cat

Thanks all for your support.

Thanks all for your support. I am so very happy now.

I also want to get tricked!

I also want to get tricked! Perhaps I too can pretend to be a devotee...


I hope you can get tricked too. It's no fun pretending to be a devotee.
I am still in shock. I thought when I returned to work on Monday that I would become overwhelmed once again and just return to my bad habits. Please sign up for any and all spiritual retreats you can and hang out at the Temple as much as you can. I never believed that this day would come. I am back to work and I am chanting all of my 16 rounds before I go to work.