my experience....

I am new to this forum...First of all greetings to all bhakta's out there...Jai Shri Krishna.Before I make any major decisions or if i want to know what lies ahead after one of my undertakings, I would always seek out the Lord's indication. I would write the possible outcomes on 2 sheets and tossed it in front of the Lord and say my prayer. Once I am done with my prayers, I would ask the elders in my family to pick one of it normally my grandmother will do it. As I have encountered, the outcome was never wrong, and it will eventually happen.Kanha also helps me out of every problem I go through.That shows the Lord's grace as he is listening to what this humbled bhakta is preaching to him.HE is truly great and there is no words to describe Kanha's greatness. It is beyond the limits of words put together. Lately I've been in great distress. I lost the one I truly love. I really need him back. Without him my world had darkened and he has choosed someone else over me. I share every experience of my life with the Lord, I feel peaceful and I have let down the burden in my heart after every prayer I say to Kanha. Im sure Kanha knows my pain. In fact, we begun our relationship after getting Kanha's blessing from his mandir.But it all came to an end leaving me heartbroken. As i usually do, I tossed d outcomes before Kanha and picked one decision and it says that he will come back to me. But he has drifted further apart from me and has gone into the arms of someone else. Kanha never let me down before.......will he grant my wishes and fulfill my prayers this time?....My faith on Kanha will never fade away. But hopefully he is listening.Dear fellow bhakts will SHRI KRISHNA fulfill this devotees wish and take away the pain by returning him to me?...please do share your thoughts....Jai SHRI KRISHNA

My Experience

It is quite late now - am sure your love would have come back to you - would be interesting to know from you! Jai Shri Krishna. The worldly relations are not permanent unless the link is God - therefore have firm faith in the Lord. Jai Shri Krishna.