Is my spiritual direction the proper way and I am doing the right thing. HELP

Hello I came across krsna consciousness for almost 6 months now. I have been following the principles regularly. Here is my situation:

I gave up meat completely. (use to eat everything everyday)

I gave up gambling with my friends (haven't done serious gambling in over 4 months)

I am in the process of giving up/controlling sex

I am in the process of giving up/controlling intoxicants

from 6 months ago I am a completely different person in how go about my life. much more friendlier and krsna consciousness induced.

I really try to control my sexual and intoxicant desires. I gave up cigarettes and coffee completely, but sometimes I get the urge or put in situation where I need to smoke some marijuana. I really do control it to the point where at times I want to but I don't. It very rare that I give into these material desires. (example. I use to smoke everyday and was addicted and now I am to the point of once a week or two. Same goes for sex)

I just want to know am I heading in the right path. I know I am not a completely self realized soul and in the progress of becoming one, but I am hope I am heading in the right path. I just feel guilty sometimes when I induce in sex and intoxicants. I really am a better person, I just don't want to fall in god's eyes.

Please help me and give me some advice in my direction of spiritual advancement. I do want to change I believe I can do it.

I am college student by the way induced in the void material world. So it is very challenging for me in this environment. I want someone else's opinion because I don't know who else to talk about this internal conflict with. Any advice will be great.

Thank you so much for listening and Hare Krishna !

Everything To Do

It's all very good, what you're Not doing, but the missing part is what you Are doing. Mainly, chanting the Hare Krishna Maha Mantra.

Do that as much as possible. It will help you very much with all the things you are trying hard Not to do.

Chanting Krishna's name is actually far more important that anything that you are trying not to do....

Best Wishes


Sure, you're on the right path as you can feel for yourself. As your will power increases with bhakti (you didn't mention what kind of devotional practices you do), your failings will gradually disappear. Pray to Krsna whenever needed. We can be successful only with His and His devotees's help. So try to find some devotee association in your place.

All the best!
Hari Hari
ys Jan