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NarsiMha praNAm (for victims and rescuers of Japanese Tsunami)

Hare KRushNa

Let us sing along with the video below to request Dearest NRsiMaDev to protect the victims and rescuers of the Japanese Tsunami-earthquake in all five koshas. It has been my experience and that of many, that NarsiMhaDev protects.

Narsimha PraNAm - Vayasaki Das : http://www.youtube.com/watch?v=23UsMuSQ6CM

namaste narasiḿhāya
hiraṇyakaśipor vakṣaḥ-
śilā-ṭańka-nakhālaye (1)

[h]ito nṛsiḿhaḥ parato nṛsiḿho
yato yato yāmi tato nṛsiḿhaḥ
bahir nṛsiḿho hṛdaye nṛsiḿho
nṛsiḿham ādiḿ śaraṇaḿ prapadye (2)

tava kara-kamala-vare nakham adbhuta-śṛńgaḿ
keśava dhṛta-narahari-rūpa jaya jagadīśa hare (3)

NRsiMha PraNAm: Lyrics, Translation, DevnAgiri, Odia

May NRsiMhaDev annhiliate any HiraNyakashyapus, before they take form.
bahir NRsiMho, hRdaye NRsiMho,
Keshava DRta Narahari rUpa
Jaya Jagadish Hare ~
Jaya Jagadish Hare ~
Jaya Jagadish Hare ~