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need large volumes of iskcon kirtans,bajans and prabhupada lectures.

hare krishna prabhuji once prabhupada said that listening kirtans from liberated soul I mean from krishna devotees can lead to maximum benifits.

I enjoy a lot while listening iskcon bajans and kirtans and so I have downloaded some of mp3 files.

As I feel very happy while listening kirtans I want kirtans and bajans upto 100 gb. I have searched for iskcon dvds to buy but the cost is too high.

I searched web to download mp3s freely and found site useful but I was unable to download.

Prabhuji can anyone of you send these mp3 dvds to me or atleast specify a link where I can download maximum number of kirtans and bajans.

someone said we can download a number of files in zip format and so if you know such a site please suggest the site and procedure.



Prabhhuji can anyone of you

Prabhhuji can anyone of you suggest how to download from in zip format.

Prabhhuji please examine the link below


The content [of that website] was removed.