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SB 1.11 - Lord Kṛṣṇa's entrance into Dvārakā

As ecstatic tears of forlorn separation were pouring from the eyes of the devotees of Hastināpura, the ecstatic dejection of Dvārakā’s citizens was soon to be lifted. Upon reaching the border of Dvārakā, Kṛṣṇa sounded His conch shell, heralding His arrival and pacifying the dejection of His inhabitants. Since the Lord was away from Dvārakā for a long period of time because of the battle of Kurukṣetra, all the inhabitants, who are His eternal associates, were overcome with sorrow due to separation. When the Lord descends on the earth, His eternal associates also come with Him. Such associates cannot bear the separation from the Lord even for a moment because of intense affection for Him. So the sound of the auspicious conch shell was very encouraging for them, and they became alert to receive the Lord.

The white and fat-boweled conchshell, being gripped by the hand of the Lord, appeared to be reddened by the touch of His lips. It seemed that a white swan was playing in the stems of red lotus flowers. The Lord is all spirit, and matter is ignorance of this spiritual existence. Factually there is nothing like matter in spiritual enlightenment, and this enlightenment takes place at once by the contact of the Lord. The Lord is present in every particle of all existence, and He can manifest His presence in anyone. By spiritual contact with the Lord, everything becomes spiritually reddened like the conchshell in the grip of the Lord, and the paramahaṁsa plays the part of the swan in the water of spiritual bliss, eternally decorated by the lotus flower of the Lord’s feet.