Unsure if Krishna Conciousness is for me if I'm female?

I'm quite confused about if Krishna consciousness is for me.

I have been following various methods of spirituality for years. I think of myself as more than just my body. When reading the ISKCON books, I became quite enthusiastic about Krishna being god and wanted to find a temple, so I did and enjoyed myself. There seemed to be more women who were doing work for the temples and the books referred to devotees, so I assumed devotees are all equal. Then I was shocked and upset at how the founder said women are less intelligent, had half the brain size, and how we're only worthy if we have a husband. Of course women in India are less intelligent, because they aren't allowed an education, have to get married at 11, and many females are aborted late term, so I'm not sure I can accept that backward cultural attitude.
I know I'm more intelligent than many men, and I know more about spirituality than them. I don't think the Vedic stories make females seem less intelligent, if Radha was important and the Gopis are the best devotees.
I understand that in this age of Kali even all men are Sudras, and I don't see how men who only care about football and beer are more philosophical than me, whose main interest is spirituality and finding out about god.
Can I still be a Krishna devotee if I don't respect how the founder made women seem inferior?
There needs to be men and women to create another life, and one isn't inferior than another. There are two halves to the human race, like yin and yang.
It feels a bit freaky to feel if my entire existence would make men feel I'm affecting their spirituality, because that says more about the weakness of men than any females.

Krishna consciousness for

Krishna consciousness for female- To understand it you need to understand basic 3 elements. first one is YOU (Jivatama) second one is God (Parmatma) and third one is Material World (Maya). ones you understand all three and there position you will automatically understand what this Krishna consciousness for you.

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Plus if females are inferior, then why was it men who destroyed the reputation of Iskcon with homosexual abuse to children, and make the USA Iskcon go bankrupt with lawsuits? I never heard of any female devotees doing that.
I know females aren't inferior no matter what anybody says.


Lots have been written on these controversial things. See e.g. http://bbt.info/information/tough-ones
So just briefly:
- Intelligence and education aren't directly related, although we tend to consider an educated person automatically intelligent. That may be true for some aspects of intelligence, not for all.
- In Kali yuga things are topsyturvy.
- Krsna devotion isn't limited by material things like the body, etc.

In a nutshell, one needs to understand the context, i.e. the Vedic viewpoint (similar to other traditional viewpoints in other ancient cultures). To judge them from the modern Western viewpoint will lead to misleading conclusions such as yours.

: It feels a bit freaky to feel if my entire existence would make men feel I'm affecting their spirituality, because that says more about the weakness of men than any females.

Yes. And there's the weakness of women in relation to men as well. So traditional cultures have arrangements to minimize dangers stemming from this weakness to protect the society. That's the main goal of these customs.

:I never heard of any female devotees doing that.

Women weren't in positions of power to do that. But most devotee women also preferred to preach at the cost of taking care of their children, although Srila Prabhupada wrote to one of his female disciples that "child worship is more important for you than deity worship". Well, those were the times.

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No one is exception from

No one is exception from devotional service of lord. So dont leave devotional service. Its said striyah srudra thata vaisya stepi yanti param gatim in bhagavadgita 9.32 . It means women can attain Krishna which is highest perfectional stage.