Why the contradictions b/w Bhagavata Gita and Bhagavatam?

I was comparing chapter 10 of Bhagavata Gita and Canto 11 chapter 16 of Bhagavatam. The two states similar opulences. However I found a few contradictions as well. Consider the below:

BG 10.29 states- "In weapons, I am Vajra"
BG 10.31 states- "Among the wielders of weapons, I am Rama"
SB 11.16.20 states- "In weaons, I am bow. Among the wielders of weapons, I am Siva"

So you can find there are contradictions between the two. Why are the contradictions there given both the spoken by the same person, i.e. Lord Krishna?

Jai Sri Krishna.

on various weapons

Re BG 10.28 (not 29) vs. 11.16.20 (vajra vs. dhanus), I don't see any reason why Sri Krsna should be obliged to use the same examples.
Re 10.31, it seems to refer specifically to cutting weapons as per SB 10.59.17-19: zastra—cutting weapons, or SB 10.83.20: astra—concerning weapons shot as arrows; zastra—and other weapons.
Re 11.16.20, it's dhanuSmatAm, wielders of bows. The translation isn't exact.

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ys Jan

Thanks for the reply Jan. I

Thanks for the reply Jan.

I concern about using different example would be confusion. Many may feel Lord Krishna changes facts from time to time. Hence there has to be consistency in all His sayings.

Anyway thanks for justifying the contradictions.

I have noticed another contradiction in Bhagavatam. In SB 11.16.29 He says "I'm you (Uddhava) in my devotees" which makes Uddhava the greatest devotee.

However in in SB 12.13.16 it is said Lord Siva is the greatest Vaishnava..See here is also another contradiction. How to justify this?

Jai Sri Krishna.

Why confusion? How He changes

Why confusion? How He changes facts? Imho you try to impose on Krsna your own preconceptions how He should act while He is parama-svatantra, supremely independent.
Uddhava and Siva are both greatest devotees but in their own categories. Please see Brhad Bhagavatamrta, 1s part.

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Hari Hari, Thanks for

Hari Hari,

Thanks for clarifying that both Siva and Uddhava are the greatest devotees but in their respective categories. Can you say what are those categories where they are best? Unfortunately I don't have Brhad Bhagavatamrta. Can you please enlighten me on this?

They are related to the five

They are related to the five main rasas - santa, dasya, sakhya, vatsalya and madhurya.

Brhad Bhagavatamrta is the crucial book by our acarya Sanatana Gosvami:


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