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will the lord mind if i just prayed in English?

is it important that we add sanskrit prayers?

Language is not important.

Language is not important. God sees only the devotee's love and feeling for him

KRSNa hears prayers in all

KRSNa hears prayers in all languages but Srila Prabhupada stressed the importance of Sanskrit, which is much more refined and has a special vibrational quality.

Just like in English language there is only one word "friend." But in Sanskrit, because it is perfect language, friend—what kind of friend. So KRSNa says that "I am suhRdaM sarva-bhUtAnAm." SuhRt, suhRt means he's such a friend... Just like you have got a friend. Sincerely he wants how you shall be happy. Just like your mother. Mother is also friend. Or wife, devoted wife. She is also friend. So mother, wife, or any such relative, or father. Or there are many persons in our ordinary relationships. So they want actually that "My, this friend be happy." That is real friend, suhRt. And mitra, social friendship. Bandhu, official friendship. But suhRt, suhRt means one who actually desires good of his friend. "Sincere friend" which you describe in English. So KRSNa is suhRt. He's always expecting my good. (BG 2.20-25, Seattle, Oct 14, 1968)

I am not much fond of the idea of changing things to accommodate the public—better to change the public to accommodate us. Therefore I suggest wherever there is Sanskrit used there should also be English spelling in brackets. In this way, the public will become accustomed to Sanskrit language so that in future we may use only Sanskrit and they will understand. (letter to Bali Mardana, Bombay 28 Dec 1971)

Hari Hari
ys Jan