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Hare Krishna Solutions


Perth, Western Australia.... Considered by most to be an uninhabitable wasteland deep within the Australian Outback, devotees create a sustainable recycling system and organic farm in adverse conditions such as unemployment, desert soil, drought and extreme weather conditions.

While the rest of the world humorously considers Perth as 'Gods Waiting Room' due to its high age limit, for the devotees this takes a different meaning, as a place to practice serving God. The devotees attempt to sow the seeds of Krishna in this infertile soil and throw off the retirement home mentality to implement a recycling and organic farm project for the temple and the devotees in order to offer organic foodstuffs to Krishna, The Supreme Personality of Godhead.

The short film explores the importance of environmental stability as proposed by Srila Prabhupada, the process of recycling, creating organic compost, meeting with government officials for funding, and finally offering the produce to the Lord and honouring the sanctified food amongst the devotees at an auspicious festival.

The 15 minute video is available in its entirelity complete with interviews, animations and a compelling soundtrack on GoogleVideo or available from Bhakta Trevor Gore (Producer) on DVDr for AU$4 (Hagglers: $5) at or write to iskconperth - optus hnsymons - gmail com

- and ISKCON Perth Media Ministry.