How can I find motivation for serving Krishna?

Q : The Gita seems to say that action with view to a personal outcome is incorrect. All action must be a devotion to God, but sometimes it is difficult to find motivation

A : Hare Krishna. Thank you for your question. It is as you
say that work for fruitive results is not recommended in the Gita, because that will result in another temporary, miserable, material body. Thus, in Bg. 3.9, Krishna recommends work as sacrifice for Lord Vishnu.

Before that in Chapter 2, verses 12-30, He makes it clear that we are spiritual souls, not these bodies, and so on that platform it is reasonable not to act for the pleasure of the bodily senses.

Q : When bills have to be paid and children fed, it is difficult to think about devotion to Him ,although I try. Any pointers, please? What if, after all that I practice in my own life, there are still failings. Why shouldn’t one just give up?

A : Well, part of it is to think of the Lord as the proprietor of your home, and your family members as His eternal servants. Then you can perform the activities of maintaining them as service to Krishna.

Offer all the food you prepare to Krishna. Get together with your family members for sometime and chant Hare Krishna in the evening or morning.

Some householders have Deities of Krishna and perform some daily worship.