If I like chicken very much, how can I quit?

Q: if I like chicken very much, how can i quit?

A : If you are really addicted, they have different imitation chicken preparations that are made with vegetable products like gluten.

Basically you have to find some kinds of prasadam, food offered to Krishna, that you like so much that you forget about the chicken.

Also chanting the Hare Krishna mantra will give you a higher taste.

Q: is it true that if i chant hare krishna, I won’t be able to get married?

A: No, marriage is all right. But sex outside of marriage binds one to this material world and so is counterproductive from the spiritual point of view.

The point is that sex for other purposes than producing God conscious children makes us more materialistic and slows our spiritual progress.

Q what is the need of marriage without children?

A : Simple point. If you get married and engage in sex for fun instead of producing a child, that act will make you more materialistic. It will cause you to identify yourself more with your body and more as an independent enjoyer rather than servant of God, the Supreme Enjoyer.

Q : if our parents thought like that where would we be?

A: The pure consciousness of the soul is to please God. So sex for producing children that are taught God consciousness is a spiritual experience, otherwise sex is material.

Q: without sex there is no generation, so why has God given us this life?

A : Like I say, sex for producing children is OK. Sex for recreation is an impediment to spiritual progress.