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Practicing Krishna consciousness without a spiritual master

I've been practicing Krishna consciousness for two years (chanting, reading, etc.) but I feel disappointed because I don't feel any natural devotion, and I don't have a spiritual master. Any advice?

Our Answer:

Often, the affection and love of Krishna comes to us through the devotees. Without association it can be very difficult to develop Krishna Consciousness, what to speak of deep love for Krishna. Depending where you live, it may possible for you get the association of devotees by going to a temple or some other devotee gathering. has a growing list of temples and devotee gatherings. If you're able to associate with devotees, this will help you. Also, chanting together with devotees is good.

In regards to getting a spiritual master first you must meet and hear from such a qualified person. So that again means that you would best get to a temple or gathering of devotees where you can meet such a person. Once you have met someone you can write, hear recordings of their classes, etc. but the initial contact is essential.

Always remember that Krishna is guiding and protecting you but you can not always understand His presence...if you have strong faith in this fact then everything will work out well in have to be patient. So try to get some association.

One question I think you should ask yourself is: "If Krishna loved me, what would I expect to see?"

Often we consider that "some special happy feeling" (or money, or whatever) will be an indication that Krishna loves us...but actually just the fact that you are in contact with Krishna consciousness, the Srimad-bhagavatam and the Bhagavad-gita is a sign that Krishna wants to help you; please be patient and confident of that affection from the Lord.