Life's Problems

Just to stay alive, we need sufficient carbs and water; our body temperature must stay within a very narrow range. We need just the right number of red and white blood cells. If these and other physical conditions aren’t met, we’ve got problems.

We also live under other, subtle conditions: karma dictates how much we enjoy or suffer—based on our past actions. The gunas—“modes of nature”— constantly push and pull our moods and behaviors from good to bad to ugly. And disease, old age, and death ruin everybody’s happiness. Reawakening our permanent, spiritual consciousness permanently solves all such problems. How?


  • All Problems Can Be Solved through Krishna Consciousness—"Before our time in this human body runs out—we must solve this most fundamental problem, the problem of repeated birth and death."
  • Coping With Depression—If you ask them, “How are you?” they will respond, “I am so glad you asked! I have a headache, stomachache, and a pain in my leg. I need a raise and my son is giving me such problems.”

Still More:

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In my eyes there was no higher calling than to wage war on behalf of humanity against disease and death.

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