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Overcoming jealousy and negative thoughts

How can one overcome jealousy or negative thoughts towards others?

Jealousy arises when we want what another person has. We must try to achieve a state of mind in which we are content with what we have and simply admire or look up to what another has. Joy is in wanting what we already have.

We can defeat negative thoughts by shifting our consciousness. In our minds, instead of thinking, “Wow, he/she is so good at everything and I’m barely even good at one thing,” we can think, “Wow, he has been gifted by Krishna and is helping to encourage so many people. I want his association, because he is dear to Krishna; I am so inspired by him to continue in my own practice.”

Now, this may not work the first time—or the first couple of times. However, each time a negative thought or jealous thought arises, we must turn it around: “I am so inspired by this person. Look even what he has done for me. I am so blessed to have his association.”

We must also remember that ultimately, there is no jealousy or envy in the spiritual world. Why? Everyone has equal access to Krishna to his or her heart’s content. When we have eaten dinner and just cannot have even one bite more, are we jealous that our neighbor is having a delicious plate of prasadam? No, simply because we are already full. This is how it is in the spiritual world—and this is how it can be right now, if we allow it. We have equal access to Krishna right now, and if we latch onto Him, we are as dear to Him as any other devotee.