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Terms and conditions for using Connect forums

Terms and conditions for using Connect forums

Terms and conditions for using Connect forums

Dear friends Welcome to the Connect Forums at We offer Connect as a place for you to learn about Krishna consciousness, to meet new people and to talk about Krishna and his pastimes.

You can ask questions or answer those others have asked. You can start a new thread of conversation or you can join in with those already started.

There are many topics already here to get you started from meditation, prayer and vegetarianism to anything you can think of. We also have some great videos you can watch and comment on.

It would be great if you could take some time to complete your profile so we can know something about you. It's nice to know something about the people you are talking to.

There is also a personal gallery where you can upload photos for your friends to enjoy and we have a team of Bloggers who introduce new subjects and stimulate conversation.

As with all online forums there are some conditions which we ask you to follow so you and everyone else can enjoy using Connect.

* Please make your posts under appropriate forums. Have a look around first and you will see where your post belongs

* Sometimes you might not agree with the messages others post on Connect. If you think something is inappropriate please notify a moderator or the friendly devotees at Live Help.

* Please don't use the forums to post large blocks of text. You can copy and paste the web site address so those interested can see the text you refer to.

* Please don't use the forums to advertise your web site, or sell products.

* Connect is not a matrimonial service, please do not make posts advertising that you are looking for a relationship.

* If you receive unwanted attention at Connect please let a moderator know.

* Above all have a great time. Our goal is to provide an environment where you can share, learn and discuss Krishna Consciousness and related issues.

We hope you enjoy using Connect Forums. Let us know what you think about it.

If you have any problems please contact a moderator:

moderator1 [at] Krishna dot com
moderator [at] Krishna dot com

The Connect Team