Science of Self-Realization

Meaning of Science of Realization

Hare Krishna!

I am aware about the realization part but What does the "Science " part mean in the term Science of Realization


Question about how to understand past lifes.

Does it say anything in the vedas about how we can detect past lifes? One thing is mind and memory but do the vedas say anything about some sort of light that is realizing the external reality of a child into what happend to it in the past? There is a quote about that everything will be shown in the light by christ, why not our past as well?

Help on bhakti yoga, stitapragnaha

Hare Krishna I am Rupesh from India. I have lot of bad habits and so I have lost a lost in my life and still facing a lot of problems. The only good habit which I have is my faith on god.

Up to now I visited only temple's but I have never read sacred books and fortunately I started reading prabhupadha books.

In Bhagavadgita lord Krishna said to achieve "stitapragnaha" and perform bhakti yoga.

Can anyone of you suggest a book on bhakti yoga and how to achieve stitapragnaha possibly in Telugu language. I think that bhakti yoga book contains rules and regulations to perform bhakti yoga purely.

From the past one I am reading prabhupadha books and following his teachings. Please try to suggest your own.